Xbox Needs Its Own PSX

PSX (also known as PlayStation Experience) is a fantastic event full of reveals, demo, panels, and all things PlayStation. Andrew from Xbox Enthusiast thinks that the Xbox brand can benefit highly from its own event modeled after PSX that can focus on UI updates, transparency between the company and fans, as well as a place to highlight what games Xbox will be offering in the future.

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TechnoGoat346d ago

Call it the HGF... and they'll just tell you you're getting a New Halo Gears or Forza game..

Soulst0rmer346d ago

Xbox first needs it's own games. Or eventually the next Xbox-only even will be it's funeral.

bouzebbal346d ago

would have been a good idea some years ago.
it will be completly worthless today.

Highlife346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Dim the lights
fill the place with smoke
add intense music
Phil's voice "The power of the Cloud"
Turn on the lights
Smoke fades
............................. ................

Yep that's microsoft this gen

darthv72346d ago

MS had their own show, for quite a few years in fact. They were the X shows and each year it would change to that particular year. Like X08, X09, X10...

You could say that when MS stopped with X13 is when Sony started with PSX in 2014. This gen it really does seem like MS and Sony switched places, or it's all just coincidence.

FITgamer346d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. What in the hell would the show be about?

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scofios346d ago

To present What ? Old xbox and Xbox 360 bc games ?

346d ago
UltraNova346d ago

To present the amount of pixels each One X enhanced 3rd Party game has over the Pro port?

Alarmingly truth-based jokes aside, yeah the xbox needs to gain its Identity back by way of good exclusives first, lots of them in fact, and then they can have their own show. A show where Phil doesnt fill up the time schedule by giving vague promises but to deliver on them.

G20WLY346d ago

It would be a magic show, with smoke and mirrors - the kids would LOVE it 😁👍

rainslacker345d ago

Where else can they get out all those new marketing tag lines for people to play?

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cha0sknightmare346d ago

literally spat my drink out, that genuinely tickled me.

346d ago
Professor_K346d ago

Whats a, "playstation experience"?

Is it paying 60$ for movies?👍😆

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FallenAngel1984346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Microsoft used to host their own Xbox show event that was an annual trade show in the past decade since 2001 similar to what PSX is now.

But since 2013 they’ve seem to given up on the idea. One year later their rival adopted the idea for their own brand and have kept the spirit alive ever since.

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thisismyaccount346d ago

If not mistaken, Sony´s PlayStation Experience started around the same time. Or a few year later (2002).

Summons75346d ago

That'd be a really short show looking at the lack of exclusives in this current generation.

RpgSama346d ago

My thoughts exactly, I was going to say:

"To Show What?"

mark_parch346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

totally agree they need games to show. I think it would be great if at e3 2018 they only showed games releasing later that same year and tease games early 2019. then have another show maybe dec or jan going more in depth with the games releasing early 2019 and maybe tease games for e3 and so on and so on. never looking to far into the future only ever showing games releasing in the next 12 months. but again they need way more games. we have state of decay 2, crackdown 3 and sea of thieves early next year then possibly ori and the will of the wisp, below, ashen and maybe horizon 4. rare are definitely working on another game ( praying it's a new banjo and kazooie )

rainslacker345d ago

They have a bus that travels around Australia that people can spend about 10 minutes in.

That seems about what they need right now to get the word out.

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optimus346d ago

i disagree. doing so will set a bad precedent for e3. then they will save the best stuff for their own show. nintendo already has it's own show, granted it takes place online but during e3 noless. ea has it's own experience that also takes place during e3 week ( i went to it :p). if more companies do their own thing then we won't have much of an e3 to showcase. not to mention that putting together a showcase like that cost a lot of money (except for nintendo) so why spend money on 2 or 3 if you count the PAX conventions that take place around the country throughout the year.

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