Save Up To 75% Off PS Vita Games

Amazon is running a sale on several PlayStation Vita games. The sale is for PS Vita select titles. It’s a nice variety of games to browse through, and the savings range all of the way up to 75% off.

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Alek83346d ago

Oh, my God! We're having a fire ... sale! Oh, the burning, it burns me! Evacuate all of the school children!

beanplant346d ago

I feel like some of the classic Vita games might be worth a lot in the future

SickSinceSix346d ago

Games like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which was pulled from the PS store usually sell for a good price for the physical game these days.

beanplant346d ago

I actually found a copy in Gamespot. Then there's Virtual Tennis which I've never seen ever.

bluebenjamin346d ago

vita died before it started thanks to sony turning its back on it when ps4 came out

Homushi346d ago

Dude Vita never died lol, its constantly getting games made for it all the time. Have you visited its PSN store recently? Now I can understand if the games aren't appealing to you since they're mainly JRPG games, but those Japanese devs are still shelling out games for it.

jojo319346d ago

yet the memory cards are STILL overpriced.

Alek83346d ago

Literally the only reason the Vita died for me.

I loved the system, loved the games, but having a proprietary, small capacity memory card cost more than 4-5 games (on sale) is downright stupid.

franwex346d ago

That was what killed it. Amazing tech, cool games though.