Sony show what companies will initially use Home

DarkZero: With Home on the way soon (at least we hope it is, but we would not bet money on it), Sony has shown an image at TGS that shows what companies they are working with to include features in Home.

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PirateThom3295d ago

I'm actually not at all surprised at the lack of Square Enix logo.

PirateThom3295d ago

Their general lack of support for Sony in games this gen, without adding something else on to it?

XXXCouture3295d ago

good point. Bubbles for you my good sir

leyego3295d ago

i think SE is trying to break away from Sony this gen.

mb they want to drop sony and only make games for the Xbox.
mb level 5 can fill in the gap?

BulletToothtony3295d ago

but that doesn't mean they're not supporting home.. i'm not saying that square enix will support it.. i'm just making an observation.

But i do believe that SE is a bit more focus on money now than with giving gamers the best experience possible.. we're gonna have to wait and see thou.

ZombieNinjaPanda3295d ago


Everyone report him please.


Not surprised at some of them, but what are the rest of the non game companies?

jwatt3295d ago

They should make a virtual Nike store where you can look at shoes and actually buy them and the shoes get delivered to your house.

Jecht3295d ago

Insomniac and MM don't have to be shown. They're first party. They automatically support it.

Final_Rpg3295d ago

Well PirateThom, they are supporting the release of a sephiroth sackboy. That has to count for something right?

BulletToothtony3295d ago

actually they're third party they just happen to make games for ps3 only.. they're not OWNED by Sony thou..

RememberThe3573295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

@leyego: Yes.

@Final_Rpg: Sony owns the rights to the FFVII for North America and Europe, if I'm not mistaken. So, it probably wasn't too much of a stretch for SE to "OK" to Sony when told "We're going to use Sephiroth in LittleBigPlanet."

NegativeCreep4273295d ago

Level 5 is the next developer who has as much talent as Square Enix. I personally don't care if SE has some kind of bug up their A$$ to only develop properties other than Final Fantasy for the Xbox 360; Level 5 has a quality reputation just as well as they do.

crazykilla3603295d ago

I remembered reading an article about the owner of square enix, and he said he hates making games for sony, and he said something about his work not being appreciated in sony. I never thought he actually meant it. We should get naughty dog and insomniac soon.

ShinMaster3295d ago

Which tells me that later on, Square-Enix might join up.

Besides, if Nomura were to lead Square-Enix, we would see a lot of love for Sony. He's the one keeping Final Fantasy Versus XIII PS3 exclusive as well as Kingdom Hearts.

StephanieBBB3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

You have to see it from Square Enix point of view also. PS3 is very expensive to develop for. Why? Because:

1. Microsoft hands out money to every major developer that wants to create games for thier console.

2. Hand held platforms like the psp, DS and what not, are at a lower cost development senario with games and often sells more software than on a console platform, there for bringing in more money than spent on developing them. Also making games for hand helds involves a much lower risk in making them because of the low cost budget and if the game should flop you haven't wasted so much money on it anyways.

3. The huge install base of the Wii makes making games for it a sure hit and on top of that the Wii has few great games out so it will be easy to trump the one's already out.

4. The 360 will soon also have a huge install base like the wii just because of the (seemingly) low price. So developing for it gives you both a big fat check and then a garantee that you will have a huge crowd to sell your game to.

Square Enix knows this and that's why they have jumped ship on the PS3. Sure they are abunch of money hungry whores but they are smart and a company isn't run on fan loyalty in the end. Money is what makes the machinery go around.

Lanoire3295d ago

Square enix is no longer close with Sony, ok. Its not a corporate thing. It may simply be Wada and his new gang of goonies.

You know when Sony and SE were close close, different people ruled SE. Now these people have retired and Wada has taken over. Wada may simply be an arrogant fker who doesnt like Sony. Whatever reason, and Im sure MS dollars helped quite a bit, SE makes more games for 360 now than for PS3.

We need to just accept this and move on. No use in crying over a 50 year old hooker. Square enix is not Squaresoft. SEs skills and talents are not even close to what Squaresoft was initially. So its not even a big loss for us.

Level 5 on the other hand is clearly a very talented studio which is clearly the new Squaresoft. Having Level 5 on PS3 side is a huge boost.

There is no comparison when you compare the two. SE is the EA of the east now.

Whiteknight - 3 years development, 1080P, 60 FPS, 100+ hours story, first in the series, exclusive for the PS3 (hard to develop my ass - where there is a WILL, there is a WAY), 16 multi player online, 4 player coop, just EPICNESS beyond scale.

Now compare that to FF13.
FF13 - 4 years in development - Story: "uh TBA, we will get back to you guys", Online: "TBA", 720P or 1080P: "TBA", gameplay: "TBA", multiplayer: "TBA", how long will FF13 be: "TBA", release date in Japan: "uhh somewhere around 2009" (which makes it 5 years in development). Release date in rest of the world: TBA, Ok, then tell us about the characters then: "uh, we revealed a few characters already, the rest is uhhh...TBA".

EVERYTHING is TBA on FF13. And the release date is being pushed back and back and back and back and the trailer is the same old BS trailer with a few seconds added in, shown at CLOSED doors as always.

You know at first I was like "ok, maybe they just dont want internet going crazy over early footage". But now, its just getting crazy. Its clear that they are hiding something. If the game is good, what is there to hide about.

The company (SE) is non transparent, has developed an enormous ego, does no longer know the meaning of the term loyalty, is pushing trash after trash after trash out, I do not see how this company is going uphill. No, they have went downhill for quite a while now. And their destination is ROCK BOTTOM, clearly.

GametimeUK3295d ago

Take Crapcom off that list now!

vhero3295d ago

square-enix are no longer the king of rpgs anyways nippon ichi stole that title from them when they start producing titles and they are not only there they are still exclusive. S-E just take wayyy too long we have been waiting for 4 years for a ps3 version of ffxii and thanks to them making it for 360 ps3 owners will have to wait even longer. S-E used to be my number one game company now its NI and KOEI.

juuken3294d ago

Shin...don't be surprised if Kingdom Hearts and Versus goes multiplatform.
Square wants money. That's all there is to it.

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BrunoM3295d ago

they will end up there ...

and so will many more . specialy new ones that will use home to make people like their games ...

Spike473295d ago

I didn't even think about them when I was looking through the list.

BrunoM3295d ago

oo and see that capcom and snk and sega logos ... do you know the ideas thouse logos are gaving me about their spaces .. sexy kick ass old classics at their spaces .. humm humm what u think about that play some arcade virtua fighter, Street fighter, some nice snk fighting . humm humm lol...

ThatArtGuy3295d ago

Good luck getting Capcom to give you anything for free.

BrunoM3295d ago

lol i know what you mean lol...

but hey u never know lol... lets wait and see lol.. .

Gambit073295d ago

Maybe we can drop virtual quarters from our virtual PSN wallet.

monks3295d ago

suprised to see a lack of first partys or are they just expected

i would have like to have seen L5 and SE as an rpg fan

XXXCouture3295d ago

Level 5 is a developer, WKC is published by Sony.

Every game published by Sony will be there automatically

aceitman3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

is another day for sony conference where they will show there games including the very secretive mystery game that will put all in awe and the 8 more sony exclusive from sony and 5 from other developers

Karum3295d ago

This is just about 3rd party companies.

It's already widely known that the likes of Naughty Dog, Insomniac etc. are working with Sony on Home, creating features for it such as the Uncharted space currently in the Beta.