Square Enix CEO: PC Is Essential; Policy Is To Get All Games on Every Platform "As Far As Possible"

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda said that PC as a platform is essential to the company. The general policy going forward is to try and get all games on all platforms available.

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ChristMustDie167d ago

I'm sure a few Switch owners will be excited about this statement. I figured PC support was the standard these days considering the PS4/XBOX architecture.

Imp0ssibl3167d ago

If they keep using Unreal Engine 4 it shouldn't be much of an issue to support the Switch.

AspiringProGenji167d ago

It is just not about the engine. UE4 also supports mobile games, so you think FFXV can be easily ported to phones?

Enate166d ago

I'm pretty sure they used the Luminous Engine not Unreal.

_-EDMIX-_166d ago

I think they might actually mean based on the actual configuration of this system in terms of if it's even powerful enough to run the game, I don't think they mean they're downgrading every last game to run on all systems.

Jackhass167d ago

Funny that it took Square Enix so long to discover the PC is a good RPG platform.

KaaF166d ago

So was 8, I still remember playing the demo multiple times just for the dance scene which was insanely realistic in my eyes then.

WeebLord166d ago

Pretty sure Eidos published the PC versions of 7&8.

_-EDMIX-_166d ago

@wee-yes because it was square that ask them to distribute the game on that platform because at the Time Square Enix had no history of working on that platform....

I don't think you fully understand what publishing actually means Square Enix still owns the intellectual property to Final Fantasy 7 and it was them that were offering another company to distribute the game for them.

Regardless of who Square choose as a publisher that's clearly still their decision to put it on PC.

_-EDMIX-_166d ago

I'm not sure what you mean I would argue that they were supporting PC more than any other Japanese developer regarding RPGs.

rainslacker166d ago

Square was one of the first Japanese companies to really embrace PC. Hudson was before them, and were more PC than console for a long time but then PC started to wane for them. Before that there was just some sporadic Japanese support from Sega, Capcom, and occasionally Konami. They've been on PC for a very long time. not all their games, but that usually came down to publishing deals with console makers.

FallenAngel1984167d ago

That’s what they’ve been doing since last gen

-Gespenst-167d ago

Then I shall look forward to PC versions of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and The Zodiac Age.

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The story is too old to be commented.