PlayStation New Zealand Leaks Ghost of Tsushima Details

With PSX 2017 starting THIS Friday, Sony has already confirmed that Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushiami will have a presence at their annual event, with a planned panel and if we’re lucky, a look at gameplay. Well, if you can’t wait, it looks like PlayStation New Zealand has leaked a few small details.

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sammarshall10210d ago

Same here I can't wait to battle in a swaying bamboo forest that sounds amazing

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MajorLazer9d ago

I really hope stealth is an option in all the levels as well as action, however you prefer to do it

starchild10d ago

It's my most anticipated game by far. I just hope we get to see a gameplay trailer of some sort.

Seraphim9d ago

it's a close second. Only because Spiderman. Or is it Days Gone it's behind? Or...? Seriously though, regardless of where it's placed, definitely highly anticipated. It's the perfect step away from InFamous for Sucker Punch...

alb189910d ago

You won't have a down vote from me because I'm a gamer, not a fan boy that just bash everything that isn't his preference.
I'm looking forward for this game. I'm very fortunate to have a PS4 and the X.

10d ago
alb189910d ago

Mogambo2, yes I could. But I'm no like you. I have a ps4 to enjoy does games that I can't play on my X.

10d ago
zuul901810d ago

Haha i would argue you (alb1899) and him (mogambo2) are more alike than either one of you would like to admit.

Just different sides of a childish/pointless console war.

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Cyborgg10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


keep an eye on this game!! Lost Soul Aside
November 17 at 1:15am ·
"We are happy to announce that Lost Soul Aside will be joining 3 other China Hero Project titles at PlayStation Experience 2017. If you are at the event in Anaheim, California on December 9th and 10th, you'll be able to go hands on with a special demo the team have prepared.

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-Foxtrot10d ago

This sounds great


I kind of assumed first glance with the logo that it was going to be one of those games which blends time eras, the logo comes across a little modern.

UCForce10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Well, it is set in historical island. About Mongolia Empire, they were from Northern China. The main character Jin isn’t Ninja, but a rouge samurai to be precise. Because if you look at the main character design in the trailer, he does have some armor on him. Remember, this takes place before the Ninja was a thing. I read history about Ninja and they didn’t wear an armor. For Ninja, they prefer agile and stealth. They mostly wear bandages and tight black clothes.

sammarshall10210d ago

I was wondering if he would be a ninja but it looks like he'll still be agile from the trailer so that's good

morganfell10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The idea that ninja were always black clad assassins is misleading and has even been perpetuated by certain persons including Japanese society for various reasons. Ninja were more often used as intelligence agents, dressed as local workers and peasants used to assess defenses (both fluid and fixed), gather information about food supplies and water availability, rice stores and harvests - koku directly related to wealth. They also conducted other types of more martial related espionage, often clothed as friendly samurai as well as performing missions of direct sabotage. They provided information about enemy morale and welfare as part of reconnaissance. The entire bit about assassination was actually a small part of how they were normally employed. These were professionally trained persons that had to be able to write and record information, and needed an understanding of warfare in order to properly assess enemy forces, capabilities, and fortifications. Some, such as the renowned Hattori Hanzo of the Iga Clan would later serve as a bodyguard to Ieyasu Tokugawa.

-Foxtrot10d ago

Well I'm not disagreeing with what you have said...I just don't understand how it relates to my comment unless you've accidentally replied to me instead of someone else.

I was just talking about how at first glance I thought for example it might have looked like an olden era game but it would end up being mixed with modern or futuristic tech. Like the main character having cybernetics or a laser sword and so on.

That's all :)

UCForce10d ago

@morganfell I see. Maybe I have go deeper to learn more.

morganfell10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


Are you replying to me or UCForce?

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fenome10d ago

Friday can't get here soon enough! Can't wait to find out more about this!!

Obscure_Observer10d ago

Awesome! Hopefully this game will have some nice blend of Tenchu and Bushido Blade. Here´s hopping for a release date at PSX.

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bigmalky9d ago

Mmmm... Tenchu.

Hope From Software revive it properly at some point. No Batvision either, I like my ninja games to be recon and stealth, not cheating by being able to see through walls.

This looks mighty good too.

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