Are Annual Game Releases Good For Gamers?

Colby Tortorici looks at the effect that yearly releases of the same franchises have on consumers. Should there be a limit to annual game releases?

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strayanalog348d ago

In my opinion, no. I believe it stagnates a developer's creativity and makes them lazy, all the while taking advantage of a part of the community that strive for updates in their graphics and teams. I'm sure there's a better way of doing annual releases, but no one developer cares enough yet. I would say that every annual release should be put on a two year schedule with updates in-between releases, so no one misses out on their team roster and the developer has enough time to make a better title.

darthv72348d ago

I honestly would like to see Forza take a break for a little while. Forza games have had 5 releases since 2013 and I know that they are two different games between the mainline motorsport series and the horizon series but come on.

FM5 2013
FH2 2014
FM6 2015
FH3 2016
FM7 2017

I get that they are alternating but its getting tiresome and just as bad as being annual.

Wh1teLightning348d ago

Agreed they need to take a break. For someone like me who loves there games I simply do not have the time to keep up, and it's frustrating.

r3f1cul348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

nope.. but it sure is good for game devs, minimal effort, maximum profit just how they like it ... :/ sadly only indie game devs and a handful of studios like ID, Machine games and CDPR still actually give a single fuck about quality nowadays :/ everyone else just wants to flood you with MTx's and season passes that truly truly arent worth the price at all and ship you as broken a game as they can actually get away with

showtimefolks348d ago

3 years apart is better I think. Yearly games aren't high quality or are simply copy and pasted material

Skankinruby348d ago

No.....they aren't. They turn the franchise stale and redundant. I don't know who in their right mind would buy these games over and over again.

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