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PC Aficionado: "Spellforce 3 is one of the best strategy games I’ve played this year, offering so much replay ability because of its unique approach to the genre and offers a great experience for any fantasy fan. I do hope that we will see more factions in future DLCs, maybe patch out the mechanics, tweak the HUD and work on improving the A.I. system. Other than that, this is a really good game and I strongly recommend you check it out."

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chris235320d ago

aww, i would so play this if it was on ps4. i played spellforce 2 back then on pc and it was a fantastic little gem. but these days it's much more comfy (for me) to game in bed than in a gamerchair in front of the pc. last time i played a game on pc because of stupid timed exclusive deals was xcom2. it was worth every penny and every uncomfortable position. but i will not do it again anytime soon.

freshslicepizza320d ago

PC's can be just like game consoles, they also support gamepads.

ccgr320d ago

Can't wait to play this!