TGS08: Resistance 2 gameplay

"Here we are all fresh after a long night of sleep and ready for another day at the TGS. Or not. Anyway, here is some Resistance 2 footage."

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C_SoL3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Even with no sound it still looks tight.

thereapersson3332d ago

Why did you post the link to that video?

@ Super Draken -

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C_SoL3332d ago

...nobody was checking it out. It wasn't on the front page so needed more hits so it could appear on the front page. Even, this video is fukin awesome. I didn't want it to go to waste.

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villevalorox3332d ago

I hate this no sound crap.

Sena Kobayashi3332d ago


im of to another thead with my MAX SPEED!!!

joebahrjoebahr3332d ago

i can NOT fuking wait,

ha imagine if they shipped the game and there just was no sound at all,

that would suck,

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The story is too old to be commented.