The 5 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

If you’re not an early adaptor and is just getting the Switch now, well congratulations! It’s an awesome system. So if you’re thinking of what games to play, don’t worry because we’ve (Gametyrant) got you covered.

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michellelynn0976375d ago

My five.
1: Zelda BoTW
2: Mario Odyssey
3: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
4: Skyrim
5: Mario and Rabbids.

GameBoyColor375d ago

good list, can't wait for skyrim to go on sale

Summons75375d ago

So agree with this list.

375d ago
jaymacx375d ago

Its hard to make a list of top five

Same as above but I won’t leave out
Mario Kart 8 deluxe
Splatoon 2

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cuddleberries375d ago

It's official, I want a switch. But they cost $535 here :(

TallonIV373d ago

Where do you live? Can you not find cheaper online and ship international?

cuddleberries373d ago

I'm in New Zealand, crappy little island in the middle of nowhere, good point though I may look into it, I think customs here demand tax paid to release goods and can be a gamble though.

TallonIV373d ago

My top 5:

1. Zelda BOTW
2. Mario Odyssey
3. Mario & Rabbids
4. Golf Story
5. Kamiko