Microsoft Xbox 360 Big In Japan, But New PS3 Could Usurp Lead

Microsoft Thursday raised its sales forecast of its Xbox 360 video game console in Japan after unseating Sony's PlayStation 3 stranglehold on the gaming market. The victory, however, may be short lived, as Sony readies the Japanese release of its new PlayStation 3 game consoles with 80 gigabytes at the end of the month.

Still, Microsoft is basking in taking the lead, and reports that Japanese sales are so brisk that the company is running low on supplies.

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C_SoL3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Never heard of that word.

I'll still approve.

Yup your right.....

1 a: to seize and hold (as office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right <usurp a throne> b: to take or make use of without right <usurped the rights to her life story>

TheColbertinator3540d ago

It means to take away..Like when a king is displaced from a throne and the general usurps the throne,taking it by force

Bathyj3540d ago

Whassamatter? Dont you read Shakespeare?

Thugbot1873540d ago

One would have to wonder if 80 gig HD would really increase sales, when since the console release Sony advocated you could install any size hard drive you want with the PS3. I personally think people would be looking more for a price drop to match the 360 or an unknown AAA title to come out in 2008, to spark massive sales.

Omegasyde3540d ago

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

They won't win Japan technically but the rest of Asia would bit onto what ever NCsoft puts out.

Sony knows this, yet wtf is taking so long. Those American MMO games are going to suck, DC universe and the Agency. DC license is great but judging from what I saw this game will get copy cats heros whom are a dime a dozen. Agency looks great graphically but has no epic feel to it or a world to go and explore.

Sarcasm3540d ago


Kind of agree with the DC comics one. It's for some reason, not appealing enough. Something's missing about it. Like, it has no "WOW" factor.

But for the Agency, we still haven't really seen enough to judge that yet.

And yes, I'm also waiting for when the hell since 2007 are they going to announce the NCsoft games for PS3.

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Cupid_Viper_33540d ago

I haven't comment here in a while, but I know that the 360 holds no lead whatsoever on ps3 in Japan.

Genesis53540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

No kiddin' they're behind buy 2 million. That's a strange lead.

CViper3540d ago

they have no lead in Japan, the PS3 has the lead..

How on EARTH is the PS3 going to usurp the 360 when the 360 isn't ahead?!!?!!?!?!

Its literally impossible. Usurp its few months of good sales? lol... come on.

The same idiots that cheer at the 360 selling 2000 copies in japan, are the same ones that do the "Yeah so what, at this rate the ps3 will catch up to the 360 in the year 9014" calculations.

iirc the ps3 is at 2.3 million, and the 360 is at 780k? The Ps3 is stomping the 360, more expensive, no year head start, no mediocre RPG's, and its still ahead.

PimpHandStrong3540d ago

they are talking weekly im sure

i didnt read it because sales dont matter

Sitdown3540d ago

The ps3 has sold more than the Wii in Japan? I ask that, because I thought it had a stranglehold on that market....

Bathyj3540d ago

M$ sure do ring their bells and whistles over the most trivial thing.

Remember all the Xboxers tooting their horns when XB outsold PS3 in the US by 1000 units was it?

Ha, you'd think the war was over, Sony had declared defeat and they all got a free copy of Halo 4.

juuken3540d ago


So they outsold the PS3 for one month and now they're on fire.

Lol, just lol.

3540d ago
Sarcasm3540d ago

You didn't know? The 360 outsold the PS3 by 20,000 for one month, so that instantly means the 360 is in the lead forever and beyond in Japan and the PS3 is dead.

/my name

Diamondwolf3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

LOL, here's what I'm reading/seeing/observing.

Talking about NA:
360 Fanboys: Hah! PS3rd sucks and will remain in 3rd place
PS3 Fanboys: So, We've sold more than M$ consecutively for almost the entire year, besides, the Wii is killing you in NA
360 Fanboys: Who cares, you're so far behind, there's no way your catching up, especially since the price cut, now you're getting pwned more.

Talking about JP:
PS3 Fanboys: Hah! 3fixme sucks and will remain in 3rd place
360 Fanboys: So, We've sold more than $ony consecutively for almost the entire season, besides, the Wii is killing you in JP

I see this happening next if the new SKU overtakes the 360 in Japan

PS3 Fanboys: Who cares, you're so far behind, there's no way your catching up, especially since the new SKU, now you're getting pwned more.

What's even more hillarium is that people with their horse/dog race blinders on don't see this.

Sitdown3539d ago

That is what I thought...that is why I did not understand this statement, "Microsoft Thursday raised its sales forecast of its Xbox 360 video game console in Japan after unseating Sony's PlayStation 3 stranglehold on the gaming market."

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Xheratuul3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

now i see why Japan ps3 sales are low. It is because they are waiting for this. And of course they are also waiting for GOTY, LBP.

Internet Trolling Ex3540d ago

Thats why they all laugh at the xbox 360

Xheratuul3540d ago

white knight chronicles will also dominate Japan in December and beyond just like what monster hunter did for the PSP.

Pain3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

unlike American's that just buy buy buy...."*cough* the Wii" they will buy PS3's oh yes they will buy them, just wait and weep itl happen and it will hurt.

They buy or bought xbox 2's for the same reason they dont buy PS3's yet..It has a game they want so they buy it ...understand that kids?? and when M$ BUYS the games u have to BUY the console to play it..kinda like how MOST like me Bought Xbox 1 ... its called Halo...and only cuz M$ bought Bungie so not to let Apple have a game.

why would i buy a Xmass tree in July?

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Spike473540d ago

the flow of RPGS in Japan maybe they can keep their lead but honestly I doubt it. Sony will not simply hand over there homeland like MS and with new RPGS announced, WKC, and ff13 exclusivity in Japan I doubt things will stay like this for much time.

BlackRaven853540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Just curious, but which are considered system seller IP's that have proven to spike in Japan in past? The only one I consider one of those is Final Fantasy, the rest may just end up like the 360 Jrpgs.

Final_Rpg3540d ago

FF13's release in Japan will be the final blow to Xbox's uprising(in japan). It's true, you all know it. Everyone knows it is extremely popular, if there is one game Microsoft could have exclusive in japan, we all know it'd be FF.

3540d ago
Sarcasm3540d ago

"ff13 will STAY exclusive on ps3 in japan. You might also believe that SE hates the sht out of money

it will come out on 360 in japan eventually "

Agreed. SE has their right hand on a bag of money, and their left hand on MS's... I won't say it.

But you get the point.

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