Miyamoto Shows The Kids Wii Music

Since we all know Wii Music is not a game, but a toy, the target audience has to be the really young. Why else would Miyamoto be at a Japanese preschool, showing off the title? But, hey, we have to give it up to Shiggy and Nintendo. If there's a way to sell a game, it's with a dozen or so cute, smiling children.

Follow link to see video.

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ape0073392d ago

wii music


why is this crap here on n4g

GametimeUK3391d ago

Miyamoto is a LEGEND!

Miyamoto >>> Kojima

DavidMacDougall3391d ago

LOL still angry because the 360 didnt get it

GametimeUK3391d ago

If the 360 doesnt get something I will simply get it for my wii or ps3 thank you very much... no need for anger

and Miyamoto IS the biggest legend in gaming history... He is epic... I cant believe I used Kojima in the same breath to be honest!

Miyamoto-san!!!! I LOVE YOU!

DavidMacDougall3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin, Nintendogs and F-Zero <<<< MetalGearSolid

highdro3391d ago


chanmasta3391d ago

... highdro, check Nintendo's bank account balance then tell me they suck.

Yeah, that means everybody is buying their great stuff, which means they don't suck!

Lelouch V Brit3391d ago


"Miyamoto Shows The Kids Wii Music"


Miyamoto Shows The Kids His Wii

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avacadosnorkel3392d ago

I was a little kid then. That was 20 something years ago. Funny how they never evolved.

ChickeyCantor3391d ago

And for the best, you better do what you are best in.
There is no point in doing something totally different.
Youngones need to start somewhere.
Don't tell me you never had Kids toys when you were little?
I don't hear you complain about that company who still makes those toys now?

ChickeyCantor3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Dang double

N4g_null3391d ago

I'm glad you guys grew up. I have the feeling that's why lots of hardcore games suck and difficulty levels are non existent now. Hey it also seems most of gaming worst critics are on the HD consoles. That does not make you hard core yet if you like criticizing stuff then you are right at home. The HD fanboy war is really silly also. You guys can not ignore some thing that is not for you. You just have to flame it. Good for you!

Hey if it's fun then it's fun. It can't be any worst than GH whatever version where you pretend to know what you are doing. PRETEND not a really mature thing to do you know since your all you know grown up. You should really be practicing with the real instrument. Or writing music right? I mean that's what adults do right?

Some times I wonder why you guys even play games if your so mature. They are called games not simulators and you do get a cert when you beat them so fun is some thing for kids smashing plastic toys together you know like a FPS or race game.

If you have a girl friend or even parents go tell them how mature HD gaming is ok?

big shadow3392d ago

that was cool of miyamoto to show little kids wii music.

ChickeyCantor3391d ago

i think its cool how easy going the kids are with this XD.
They actually enjoy this.

Good for them =)!
It might even build up an interest in music in these youngones( especially if there is a mode to learn to the Drum thing).

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The story is too old to be commented.