Kotaku, you never cease to amaze anyone

Darkpower of Game Gazette writes: "The picture on this article kind of says it all: Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, trying to get a friendly handshake from Microsoft Japan's spearhead Takashi Sensui, and Sensui seems not willing to return the gesture.

Maybe he realized that the story that such a picture would be within was kind of filled with some holes that Kotaku never cared to correct. Then again, when have they ever been that accurate?"

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Internet Trolling Ex3541d ago

xbots get no love from fellow xbots

sunnygrg3540d ago

That Kotaku guy got burned by his own pioneer.

avacadosnorkel3541d ago

somebody help me out here and sum it up in a couple lines.

Sarcasm3540d ago


"I hate Kotaku"

Nathaniel_Drake3540d ago

Bascially its saying that one of the bloggers of Kotaku on the left of that picture is so Microsoft bias that any fault that happens to Microsoft doesn't get the same critical tongue lashing as when bad things happen to Sony, and the person gives some good examples of that.

One example is questioning why Microsoft broke up the Ensemble studio just to get money to get Tekken 6 out of the Sony exclusive vault.

Just for the record I am against Kotaku as they are one sided most of the time with their blogs and articles, just not fair press and am glad Sony black listed them =)

outlawlife3540d ago

you're statement about ensemble couldn't be anymore of a speculation

unless you know the exact facts by working for ms/ensemble you should keep those kind of statements inside you head

tordavis3540d ago

Darkpower has a blog...[facepalm]

LastDance3540d ago

It doesnt matter WHY they axed ensemble.

microsoft gaming division is terrible to say the least.

They can get ****ed.

Tarasque3540d ago

It is a shame you have to write an article about someone you who writes articles that you don't like, so in theory that makes you worse than them. I have noticed most of the articles written by Sony fanboys against MS or the 360 is very poorly written, i read the first couple of sentences and i was like f#$k this.

xhairs93540d ago

I don't know why I'm going to write this because most of "your people" don't have open minds but I'll try...

It's not about the 360, it's about poor journalism. He critically interviews other companies and exaggerates on their mishaps but will never ever talk about a 360 mishap. See the problem?

True journalism is the devil's work and Ashcraft is a pro at it. Take a look at most of your magazines in the wal-mart check out aisle, 1/2 are "real" and the other 1/2 are complete bogus material.

What this writer is saying is that he needs to equal out his interviews in a way that he's not putting one company/console on a stool above others and he gives great examples to back this up. If I was you I would give the rest of the article a chance the whole thing isn't spelled bad like that.

But boy oh boy are some people quick to throw down the fanboy cards...

IdleLeeSiuLung3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Maybe Kotaku is so one sided since SONY blacklisted them and tried to pressure them....

But, hey, let's focus on MS fault because we aren't biased here. /sarcrasm

The other side of it is, who the heck is gaminggazette. Why would I even take them serious? It's like the pot calling the kettle. It also seems childish to call people out like that.

Nathaniel_Drake3540d ago

You need to stop assuming things because well you know the saying, I was summarizing what the guy said for the poster above me who wanted to know what the article was about this was not my opinion again summarizing

For the part of the black listing that's real they crossed Sony with the NDA and didn't honor it, so they deserved it, and I see articles or blogs from Kotaku from time to time and they are biased everyone here and on other forums know that, I'm not a Sony fanboy but the press helps us form a opinion about a certain company which reflects their sales, this is a powerful tool and we the people need to know if certain companies are cheating us or a good investment for our money

BabyStomper50003540d ago

"I have noticed most of the articles written by Sony fanboys against MS or the 360 is very poorly written"

Pure genius.

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ThatCanadianGuy3540d ago

I didn't read it either.But i'll take a wild guess and say Kotaku failed at something.

PimpHandStrong3540d ago

and i dont care what they said

Lumbo3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Its a personal hate article against some Kotaku blogger.
No idea why we need yet another fanboy blog here ... I don't read the Kotaku blog, but i am equally less interested in a blog blogging about the other blog blogging "wrong"


And after this article i'll file Gamegazzette next to BruceOnGames (only from the opposite fanboy corner) and block it via ABP to avoid getting suckered there by accident.

Jubo13540d ago

that is a long read anyone want to summarize i am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to lazy

Lumbo3540d ago

It simmers down to several hundred repetitions of "Kotaku's Ashcrosft is a MS fckTard".