Xbox to get Exclusive PUBG cosmetics starting next week

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launches December 12 on Xbox One as a console launch exclusive through the Xbox Game Preview program. We look forward to meeting all the new Xbox PUBG players – see you on the island!

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corroios376d ago

Cosmetic payed stuff. just amazing. This «Limited-edition PUBG cosmetic packs» is just so nice....

375d ago
evilbart375d ago

Both the Xbox team and PUBG Corp. have been working closely together to bring the hottest game on the planet to the Xbox Game Preview program and are super excited to be able to bring these soon to be rare cosmetic items to Xbox fans who have been eagerly awaiting the game as a special thank you for your patience and passion for PUBG.

A special thank you that costs $9.99 amazing.

Yohshida375d ago

`Sadly you cant resell stuff like that on XBOX. Would be worth a dime a few months from now. The OG PUBG Playerunknown Set is worth 500$ on steam now while people sold it at launch for 40$.