Fight Of Gods Roster Adds Santa, Santa vs Jesus Trailer Released

It’s Saint Nicholas’ Day, and Fight Of Gods has just the way to celebrate, with the announcement of Santa as the latest addition to the Fight Of Gods roster! There’s a shiny, new trailer to show off his colourful, Christmas moves too, as he battles it out with Jesus for ownership of Christmas!

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ZombieKiller369d ago

Some people shouldn't be allowed to make games

Lynx0207368d ago

Some poeple shouldn't be allowed to write comments

BenjaMan64368d ago

Santa Vs Jesus? Could be trouble. I wonder... what would Brian Boitano do?

RyanShutup368d ago

I just hope these devs aren't pussying out and include Allah or Muhammed... my guess is they're just poking fun at all the OTHER religions. Correct me if I'm wrong.