Jason Rubin Discusses Franchises in VR: ‘Call of Duty in VR won’t work very well’

VP of Content at Oculus VR believes that bringing established IP to VR is good, but only if it’s fit-for-purpose.

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CrimsonWing69376d ago

Psssshhhhh, I played RE7 loving it all the way through in VR and that wasn't a short experience.

I bet people also thought playing a game longer than a short experience was also a mistake in the beginning.

Gamist2dot0376d ago

Lack of creativity won't work very well. VR works when the player is manning some machine like tanks, planes, cannons. Call of Duty doesn't have to be about running with a weapon. You can pilot a helicopter to assist troops or AC-130s etc.

Ittoittosai376d ago

While I agree CoD isnt a good fit for VR, games like Final fantasy, Mass effect, Grand turismo are prefect for the platform. The problem Ive noticed is too many companies not crafting longer experiences in VR, I dont want a 5hr game for 30$.

WheatBread376d ago

Today's VR is best for slow placed games that don't require fast reflexes.

Scatpants376d ago

The multiplayer VR shooters on PC are awesome. Perhaps you should try one if you get a chance. Onward, Pavlov and Bullets and More are all great. I love how you actually have to look down the sights and actually aim the gun and how you actually have to eject clips, load and cock the weapon. Gets intense in a firefight.

Venox2008376d ago

I will disagree..there are fast and good games that work well like Doom vfr, farpoint..even Until dawn rush of blood can get intense.. cant wait for more

Scatpants376d ago

Onward works pretty Fing well. I'd rather play that over any non-vr shooter. It's like you're in an actual gunfight.

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