Game Consoles With Disc Drives Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon, EA Says

The Star Wars and Battlefield publisher believes a digital-only future is still pretty far off.

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maybelovehate350d ago

I don't care if they go away. But there should be options that don't have them. I haven't built a PC with a disc drive since 2012. A lot of us don't need them. Use that extra money and space for something that actually makes games better.

UCForce350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

If they go away, it will be unbalanced. It’s always stay optional for consumers to choose. Besides, not everyone have a strong internet to download everything.

maybelovehate350d ago

Why would it be unbalanced? If you are worried about perf, keep specs the same just make it cheaper and smaller.

darthv72350d ago

Games don't play from disc anyways so if they got rid of the optical drive then replace it with something better. Like an SD card slot. SD cards in 128gb can hold more data that an optical disc and you can read from and write to the SD card for quicker loading and saving of data.

SD cards are also pretty cheap to mfg (maybe not as cheap as optical media) but the trade off is no moving parts like an optical drive so it could be cheaper in the long run.

yomfweeee349d ago

Darth you want game manufacturers to put their games in 128gb SD cards? Is that a joke? You want games to cost an extra $40?

Highlife349d ago

The problem is going to be next gen when most games will be 4k. The download for those are going to be huge. I download most of my games now but not all. Comcast has a 300 gig limit and you pay per 10 or 20 gig over. That would be what 3 games. And if I need space delete a game only to have to download it again if I want to play it. That is why discs are still realivent. Yes the game doesn't play from them but you don't have to download the game again.

Tapani348d ago

You guys in the US are so behind in terms of Internet, although you invented it. I can't understand why you are not revolting and up in arms to change that. You guys still have limits on your data? What is this, 1990s? Change the system, don't let the system change your behaviour.

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UCForce350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Not everyone have a strong internet to download everything.

maybelovehate350d ago

I am not saying to get rid of it. Just an option.

gangsta_red350d ago

Who are these people, because these people are obviously not who any of these console makers are targeting and I doubt they make up the majority from where these console makers get their money from.

zuul9018349d ago

Military's one example, screw them though right? They aint the target demo.

RememberThe357349d ago

Okay Black Falcon, easy answer; I have Comcast and though my connection is fast, we now have a data limit of 1tb. Now with all the internet use we have in our house we have had to move to buying games only on disc to avoid being charged for the download on top of the game itself.

gangsta_red349d ago


Yes, the military definitely doesn't have access to strong internet, it is the number one problem with soldiers, especially on the battlefield.

zuul9018349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Damn guy thats some real heartless and cold shit. Im betting youve never been outside of whatever state you live in. Because anyone that has wouldnt be as naive as to think everyones situation is the same as theirs. It takes but a second to think about how people everywhere live differently.

Just in case you were unaware soldiers aren't just always on a battlefield. Its not really like what it seems in COD or BF.
But this is moot, you dont seem like the type of person that gives a damn about other people... you dont work at EA do you?

yomfweeee348d ago

Wow gangsta going after military. Apparently they aren't allowed to enjoy life like everyone else. Always in the trenches guns ready.

Get a clue man.

gangsta_red348d ago (Edited 348d ago )


How do you think I became heartless and cold? It's because I don't care about other people!

Anyways... you're missing the point, Sony, MS, Nintendo and everyone else are not trying to target the disinfranchise and the extremely poor. They are not catering to soldiers who are on and off the battlefield, their consoles are not being built for people who do not have the financial means to make purchases or who cannot access the internet.

It's sad, I know, and I weep for them but these companies are not making billions off these people and they won't cater to them or compromise their vision because of it.


Apparently the military can't access the internet on any of their bases or you know...when a soldier returns home.

zuul9018348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

@gangsta lol "apparently military cant access the internet on their bases or when they return home"

Well i didnt want to mention it but as ive served and have personal experience (LS Navy E4 John C Stennis) i guess ill tell you the internet in bases overseas is typically shit.(i know you probably thought they had google fiber but not quite) As for "when they go home" youre meaning on leave right? Lol you are really something. Cause everyone in the militarys first thing on leave is to go play video games.... not see the people you havent been able to....

Youre really a disrespectful person and yet you seem proud of it. I think its you thats missing the point.

Btw didnt MS compromise their vision or cater when they backpedalled always online?

gangsta_red348d ago


The problem is you keep focusing on the military as some excuse.

The military (and those with low income) are not these media giants main target audience. I really don't know how many times I need to say this.

"Cause everyone in the militarys first thing on leave is to go play video games.... not see the people you havent been able to.."

But I guess everyone who is in the military, the only thing they do is play video games on a crappy internet service right?

If you want to play the literal reading comprehension game we can or you can keep getting offended on the subject of military that you keep running into the ground.

Like I said before, these companies are not targeting these folks, these companies are building strong back ends, ramping up their online services, prepping and laying the foundation for streaming because they are getting ready for an all digital future.

Septic348d ago

Lol at the rants about gangsta apparently hating on the military!! 😂

The point going over your heads!

_-EDMIX-_348d ago

@Gangster-geez going after the military? Just when you think a person could not sink so low.

Seriously show some respect or STFU

gangsta_red348d ago


Lmao, edmix chiming in but not knowing what the actual discussion is, classic edmix. Next he'll have an alt replying and agreeing with him.

rainslacker348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Last i checked, a console was a generally mainstream product for a rather wide swath of consumers from a wide range of economic statuses. Gaming becomes more popular as it becomes cheaper every generation, thus...the poor, or at least those that meter their spending more. The money those people have are just as important to these companies as those who have plenty of it, along with all the other extravagances that having enough money to spend $200/mth on cable, and $80 on internet have.

I'm not going to cite a single group like the military, because when it comes down to it, one person's $60 to buy a game, is just as good as the next person's $60 to buy the same game.

MS is the only company this gen that tried to go the route of exclusion. They suffered because of it. Sony and now Nintendo have increased perks for going online, but they do not exclude those that don't, or can't. The more a company tries to be inclusive, the less time they have to spend on trying to cater to the top tier of the community who only cares about the perceived best of the best and don't give a damn about anyone else.

As a developer myself, I would want my games to be played by as many people as possible. In no way would I want to limit any distribution channel to make that happen. It defies logic in a time when there is money to be made in the different options available.

Septic348d ago (Edited 348d ago )


"Seriously show some respect or STFU"

Lol do u even know what he is chatting about? Look at this guy trying to create faux outrage. GTFO

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UCForce350d ago

Then you should care physical gaming as digital gaming. Trust me, if physical games are gone, consumer would have no options and it will be hard for everyone to have a strong internet connection.

maybelovehate350d ago

I don't care. Sorry. Much more worried about users not having good internet.

gangsta_red350d ago

How would it be hard for people to have a strong internet connection?

zuul9018349d ago

Living location (outside of city)
Military Duty (shipped overseas/onboard a craft)
Financial reasons

Now you could say to each of these its their fault/choice and thats probably fair. But actually caring (or just pretending to care) about your customers can actually be a positive.

gangsta_red349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

You can also list homeless living on the street, rebel freedom fighters who's bunkers are in the jungle, free range chicken farmers...the point is Sony/MS and the rest are not targeting these people as major customers.

Tech is going to move forward regardless if these people mentioned move out of the stix.

There are more folks who spend money that actually have access to great internet services and these are the customers these companies are going to target. Not Johnny Rambo stuck in a submarine still playing Tetris from years ago.

zuul9018349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

I guess you can claim that but until that happens youre wrong, right?
Xbox one tried to get out of physical and due to backlash (a decent amount of military stuff too) backtracked.
So while the companies may want to target these "folks who spend money" they apparently havent so far right?

Btw you might want to be a bit more respectful to the "johnny rambos", they sacrifice a lot for people like you.

gangsta_red348d ago


I can claim it because I'm right. Xbox was never going to leave physical media, they just wanted an always online connection and their message or lack there of is what got them in trouble.

"So while the companies may want to target these "folks who spend money" they apparently havent so far right?"

I guess PSVR, yearly subscriptions, DLC, microtransactions and mid gen console upgrades was not only a dream I had but was basically targeted to people with zero dollars. Makes total sense now.

I am respectful to Johnny Rambo, you might also want to give them a little more credit and stop using them as some type of scapegoat to push some bizarre notion that they can never play consoles when serving overseas.

zuul9018348d ago

Ive pushed no false notion. Ive served with these people and am not basing my childish opinions on video games and movies.
Xbox one was indeed trying to push always online, there was backlash and they did backtrack. On deployment many sailors would go to berthings during their off time to relax and play some games. Theyre not getting xbox live on a cruiser i promise.
Now dont you think its allowable for "johnny rambo" to have some time to relieve stress? Or do you think screw him put him on the battlefield?

zuul9018348d ago

Btw many of the people i served with would take offense to being referred to as johnny rambo.
So while you see no offense in your comments (which i guess is no surprise youre fairly narrowminded) ill give you a comparison. You think the fast food worker that made your burger would be cool being called "Burger boy bob"? How about the grocery bagger being called "Bags mcgee"?
I have to assume youre a child, i cant fathom an adult behaving like you.

gangsta_red348d ago (Edited 348d ago )


You seem to be turning this into something else and trying hard to take it in that direction and narrow the focus without reading any of my points.

I'm sure there are others that have it just as bad that are not in the military and can't access the internet but that is not a problem for Sony, MS, Google or any other company that makes their living off of DAU and online transactions for the billions of others that do have the access.

Johnny Rambo can do whatever he pleases and how he pleases and I'm a pretty positive that he will have the means to play the latest console online when given the chance.

"Xbox one was indeed trying to push always online"

I agree, but that's not what you said originally. Regardless, it may not be tomorrow or a year from now but these companies are moving forward and that does include an all digital future.

" Or do you think screw him put him on the battlefield?"

Just make sure he has a Switch that can connect to WiFi. Or is that also not available...DAMMIT!

gangsta_red348d ago


"Btw many of the people i served with would take offense to being referred to as johnny rambo."

I would hate to think that these people serving in a military would have such thin skin as to be offended by someone saying Johnny Rambo, especially considering how bad ass John Rambo was in the movies.

"...burger would be cool being called "Burger boy bob""

The irony of this is that the person at my local diner is named Burger Boy Bob.

"I have to assume youre a child."

So I'm narrow-minded and I'm a child...personal insults are definitely the traits of a grown man like yourself.

Maybe you can add actually addressing the topic and points one makes when having a discussion to the grown man list.

zuul9018348d ago

"Just make sure he has a switch that can connect to wifi or do they not have that?"

No they dont as i said on a carrier or most deployment ships.....

Only children take offense to being called child. I was a child at one point and take no offense to being called a child. I was just doing a test for myself. Matter of fact id prefer to still be a child cause it does feel stupid as an adult to be typing on places like this. I think the adults on here are the weird people, myself included.

Even now im sucked into an argument ill never gain any ground on because like most children you wouldnt apologize or say "youre right that was rude", youll dig deeper twist, turn, writhe...

Look man im done with this and i will apologize if you were offended by being called a child. Not for saying narrow minded because anyone that refers to all military as "johnny rambo" and spouts their ideas of what the military is without any personal experience is definitrly narrow minded.

Have a good future and I hope you dont get drafted.

rainslacker348d ago


Since I moved, I went from having really good internet for about $70/month to having what should be good internet, but has extremely sporatic service and terrible lag at about $95/month. I came from a city that was about to launch Google fiber, to a place where I had to go with CentruryLink. I can use that or Hughesnet.

So, when my internet works, it's good enough, but I can't even maintain a connection on my PC most of the time. It's laggy as hell, and the last game I tried to download(Destiny 2 trial) took several days to complete.

I'm not poor. I'm not incompetent when it comes to setting up networks. I'm very much technically inclined to understand how everything works. I still don't have good internet. I live in an area now that has a population of roughly ten thousand people. All of them are pretty much in the same boat as me. Some in the city can get Time Warner cable or ATT, but they share the same network lines as I do, and they're managed by time warner cable, and it sucks across the board. It's not a depressed area's just not big enough for major carriers to give a rats ass at providing good service.

It's good you have good service. More power to you. You may not care about those people, or my situation, but you'd be a fool to assume that there aren't millions of people across the US who are not quite so fortunate. I guess if it was really important to us though, we could take Adam Orth's advice and move to a bigger city. Look for a new job which may pay less. Pay more for everything. Give up any reason a person may like to live away from the city. So on and so forth.

Sounds like a great idea just so I can buy my games digitally. I love gaming, but I have other priorities and desires, and gaming isn't my entire life.

I empathize with others in my situation, and with those who have it worse than I do on many facets of what dictates their gaming buying habits. I prefer to encourage more people to game, as opposed to saying they just aren't good enough to game and should probably stay out. I would certainly say I am pretentious, but I definitely want people to have access without having to jump through hoops to do it, because I'm a gamer, and games bring us all together.

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Aceman18349d ago

My games will be 90-95% physical copies for the rest of my gaming future. I have pretty good internet, but i still don't care to go full digital, I like collecting games.

maybelovehate349d ago

Then have boxes that have a digital code. Solved.

Aceman18349d ago


No may I will not go 100% digital, I've been gaming for 30+ yrs, and a bit old school. I'll take the physical disc over digital.

I like taking said disc out of case, and inserting them into my systems.

You can do 100% digital, I'll stay the same way I am now.

rainslacker348d ago

If they're going to release a box, they might as well spend the 25 cents it costs to make a disc to install the game.

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Relientk77350d ago

Only good thing I've heard EA say recently.

XiNatsuDragnel350d ago

The only good thing they've ever said

nevin1349d ago

I hope PS5 has a faster disc drive so we don't have to install the game that take up space.

_-EDMIX-_348d ago

I'm okay with both situations so long as I get to keep my disc.

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