Too Human is my favorite "Bad Game" on the Xbox 360

There are some games, movies and songs that you know are "Bad" but there is something about them that gives you a guilty pleasure for still liking it despite the fact that you know that they still have major problems.

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nightmare4523541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Too Human is a game I love to hate.
Doesn't make sense right.

I own Too Human (and I am very proud and happy I bought it, cause for once I didn't listen to the reviews).
I enjoy playing this game, and I love the story it tells. But I really cant tell you how much I have screamed at this game, cursing it and saying it sucks and how could the do such horrible thing on a game. But I enjoy playing the game anyway. It never gets to the point were I hate the game or wish I didnt buy it. On the contrary, it makes me look forward to play some more and hopefully a future Too Human game. Hopefully with some bugs fixed, but the same gameplay I enjoy every second I play it.