Should Assassin's Creed Continue? [4 Things To Consider]

They Sure Make a Lot of These, Don't They?

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strayanalog286d ago

Let's see: 18 games in 10 years.

Call of Duty - 14 games in 14 years.
Super Mario - 23 games (including arcade, Japan, and handheld only titles), 32 years
Legend of Zelda - 18 games (including handheld, side games), 31 years.

Judging from results I would venture to say that a break wouldn't hurt Assassin's Creed. Nor would making one every two years be a bad idea, so the franchise (and gamer) has time to breathe.

ziggurcat285d ago

They stopped doing the annual release after Syndicate. I think they should extend it to every 3 years, personally, so that they have ample time to refine the game before it gets released.

SirKnight285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Should Ubisoft continue making Assassin's Creed games? Well it's there biggest franchise that generates the most money for them - I don't think they're going to stop!

dumahim285d ago

Have they said they'll continue with the 2 year gap?

ziggurcat285d ago

If it gets them better results, I think they will probably keep the 2 year break. You can already see the difference in quality between Origins, and any of the others that were on a 1-year release schedule.

strayanalog285d ago

I definitely don't disagree with you about a franchise break, whether it's 2 or 3 years, as any time between installments can help. But I am talking about the franchise as a whole - every title, big or small, including the two Chronicles' titles between Syndicate and Origins.

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Lighter9285d ago

Regardless of your opinion, the series will continue. Besides, we need to know how Bayek and Aya end up in the same tomb.

285d ago
SickSinceSix285d ago

Regardless how you feel, as long as the series is making enough profit, Ubisoft will keep pumping out more. I'd say if they changed to a biannual or once every three years release schedule it should result in better quality games and gamers wouldn't feel as jaded on the franchise that way either.

Fist4achin285d ago

They're going to milk it till it's done! It's all about the cabbage!

Lovable285d ago

Kill the series. It has run dry...

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