Destiny 2 Forces Players to Buy Curse of Osiris for Prestige Leviathan Raid

Destiny 2 has once again come under fire from its community, with players now learning that its Curse of Osiris DLC has locked them out of its Prestige Leviathan raid.

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Neonridr375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

wow.. way to go Bungie. That's because they changed the level requirements for the Prestige raid to 330. So in order to achieve a LL of 330 you need the DLC.

KwietStorm374d ago

But, I'm sure it was an oversight. Had to be...

PeteyMcPickle374d ago

Nothing new here. They did something very similar in destiny 1 and barely anyone batted an eyelid.

Bungie and Activision are just as scummy as EA.

killswitch80374d ago

Destiny is a game that is meant to have DLC. If you never plan on buying DLC don't buy it. They are making all the old content relevant with each new season .. BRAVO Bungie...this was the move to make and thank you. Now the new campaign kind of stinks but the other new content is pretty decent.

indysurfn374d ago

When Bungie was making Halo for Xbox they where better. Then they tripped, now they are falling. They used to be a company that cared for players along with business. Now they have the too greedy to be loved attitude.

Now they are becoming EA SCUM.

KwietStorm374d ago

Glad to see you all got the obvious sarcasm...

NealGamby374d ago

@killswitch80 So, we're not supposed to buy a game to enjoy all it has to offer unless we are ok with them taking modes from us until we cough up more money? Wow, glad the future of gaming isn't in your hands.

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DarXyde374d ago

Is it Bungie or their publisher? I'm willing to bet the latter made the call on this.

They need to start selling cologne.

"Lubeless By Activision"

Probably smells like bare skin.

TheSaint374d ago

So glad I decided to get off this particular merry-go-round.

RashBandicoot374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Sadly this has been an issue since the Halo 3 days. Couldn't enter Big Battle Mode or do certain mutliplayer activities unless you owned the DLC maps. It was BS then and BS now.

starrman1985374d ago

Also locked out getting a platinum on the main game now, one requirement is completing either the prestige raid or nightfall, both of which are now 330 now!

Seraphim374d ago

So it's best they just leave Raids left behind each DLC like they did in D1? Not to say I agree with the move but if it's this or flat out leave old Raids behind then I'll take upgrading them to match the max player level every time. While I've never been a fan of them removing content such as strikes during year 1 and their entire process and model sucks but it's what they do. I could write and entire article, perhaps book about problems Bungie creates for itself with Destiny. Bungie themselves have no clue and it's shown for 3+ years.

D2 gamers have had the past 3+ months to complete the Prestige Mode if they wanted to. The raid, in the past, has been completed and played by a very small minority of Destiny gamers. And even then few, if any likely continuously run the Hard Raid for months on end. Though the lack of a new Raid with the DLC might lead to people continuing to play Leviathan longer than normal. This is what Destiny is though. A game that requires continuous DLC or Season Passes to play. Whats most unfortunate is the fact they sell us a vanilla game for $60 then add minimal DLC/Season Pass content. Though that's only a small portion and I'm not going to write that book right now.

Point is. Is they left it alone it would be a problem. If they upgrade, as they did, it's now a problem. There's really no possible win in this situation for Bungie and it's funny to say this but, it's really unfair. There's far more to gripe and complain about regarding Destiny than this.

Neonridr374d ago

well that is what the new "Raid Lair" was supposed to be for. Leave that to the new content and leave the old Leviathan raid as is. I get what you are saying as it gives us players a chance to keep playing the raid and not leave it alone like D1's older raids (until they updated the raids with max light level right before the end).

But for people who bought the base game and were able to enjoy this content, now suddenly they can't is a little shitty and a bad practice.

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UCForce375d ago

This is a dumb move, Bungie !

374d ago
indysurfn374d ago

? lol I tried looking up what the short cut " /s " means could not find it. Someone help

Direwolf484374d ago

It means the statement was sarcastic.

ninsigma375d ago

Yeah that was smart.... guessing it's Activision behind this bone headed move but then again, you'd be surprised where bone headedness can come from.

antz1104374d ago

It's no dissent than the first game, if you didn't want round robin matchmaking for Pvp you Had To Buy the New Dlc When Released.

BlackWolf375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Seriously, is there not a single person among the devs or in the marketing team that could say: "It might not be a good idea to do it like this" !?

RememberThe357374d ago

I'm sure there were but greed is a powerful mistress.

indysurfn374d ago

I agree as a business developer I have had conversations like this to marketing executives. There will be a greedy but kisser that will convince them otherwise because of greed.

killswitch80374d ago

or they were like well everyone that is still playing Destiny 2 would love if the new stuff would scale. It would be terrible to waste content as the seasons progress because the old raid content is no longer rewarding...I am so happy they did this so I can still revisit old raids and get rewarded several seasons in.

indysurfn374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Except you don't have content laying around that could be wasted. They did this on purpose no did waste scenarios ever happens. Content takes lots of man hours to make. Plus you don't have to put a hook into software. That takes money to do. It was concerted and on purpose.

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