The President of Square Enix on Tokyo RPG Factory, the Nintendo Switch, and the future

One of the oldest companies in the games industry is Square Enix, developers and publishers based on Japan but with studios all around the world.

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kalkano289d ago

I don't know who these games are even targeted at. Why would I want to play games made with a budget that can't even compete with COMPILE HEART? If you want me to take these games seriously, you'll need to at least TRY to compete with the likes of Trails and Persona.

indysurfn289d ago

Okay first I have to say this. I have a scholarship as a concert pianist. So I can say I like pianos. But that being said PIANO ONLY music does NOT match with a JRPG. And the budget? you mean it had one. LOL.

Especially ambient like music. It just does NOT match. I think it killed all enthusiasm of the game. And caused reviewers to think of sleeping.

Glad you got trails of cold steel Kalkano

kalkano288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Yep. Though I've still yet to play it. I keep finding reasons to put it off. Right now, I've been waiting for the PC releases of 1 & 2. I wanted the release date for 2 to not be far off, so I wouldn't have to wait forever between them. I do plan to finally start the first one in a week or two, though.

In the meantime, I've watched YouTube videos for the story of TitS 1-3, a...passable English patched version of Zero, and another passable one of Azure that is just a guy reading the translation from paper as he plays (still watching that one). I wasn't interested in playing those ones, but still wanted to know what was going on before Cold Steel kicked off.

Edit: By the way, you've been on this site forever. Get a freaking avatar already. ;)

indysurfn288d ago

LOL.....Your right. I will do that.

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