Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion - TGS 2008: Xbox 360 Announcement

GameTrailers: "Available at launch on Xbox 360."

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jay23425d ago

Truly hesrt breaking.

Hydrolex3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Playing that game with Xbox 360 CONTROLLER LMAO !!!

See, True this game is not a PS3 exclusive but playing that game on a PS console feels a lot better because those games were born with the Sony Playstation console

Would you buy a Lamborghini that is made in China ? Heck NO ! but some people would do and they are the ones that buy that on 360 :)

Hydrolex3425d ago

Losing these games are heart breaking

-MGS4 and 5
- Uncharted 2
- KZ2
- Home
- R2
- Motorstorm 2
- ....

Tekken 6 is renting game for me

kingOVsticks3425d ago

seeing a tekken game on the xbox imo is just ain't right. sure more people get to play the game BUT AT WHAT COST!!!! THE D-PAD!!!!! its horrifying :( more people to pwn at tekken I guess

JokesOnYou3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

more tears from sony loyalists...what a shame.


pwnsause3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

nah, just tears that you have the inferior version with the inferior controller for fighting games. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

see, the JokesOnYou, You. LOLOLOLOLOL

ParaDise_LosT3425d ago

as an arcade joystick....

pwnsause3425d ago

why should i pay for an extra controller for fighting games, these mistakes on the controller shouldn't have been there since day one lololololol.

PS3 owners can buy a joystick controller if they want, but they are not "required" to do so, since the PS3 dualshock 3 controller isnt "broken" ROFL

ParaDise_LosT3425d ago

Would you buy a Lamborghini that is made in China ? Heck NO ! but some people would do and they are the ones that Play that on a Regular Controller.

See what I did there?

pwnsause3425d ago

you mean, like People can buy grape Drink and not the real thing LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL thanks for stating the reason why Tekken 6 will be inferior on the xbox 360 LOLOLOLOL

Jackthepwnsaur3425d ago

is it ok if I can say Pwnsause just owned with that comment?

Homicide3425d ago

Xbox 360 arcade + controller = $250

PS3 - $400

$250 >>> $400

pwnsause3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"Xbox 360 arcade + controller = $250

PS3 - $400

$250 >>> $400"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA LOLOLOLOLOLL did you forget the Hard Drive so that you can get that XBL experience that everyone's suppose to get ROFL, i mean, you cant forget about that new avatar system thats coming to the box, not to mention DLC for Tekken? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Heck, you dont even get the Headset with the Xbox 360 arcade, not even a wireless controller, a controller that you get from premium.

Xbox 360 is like buying those Happy Meal Toys at MacDonalds, "Collect all 5 pieces to create the Megazord" LOLOLOOLOLOLOL, can someone here please show us a youtube video that portrays what i just said ROFL.

oh wait, its more like K'nex Toys LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL collect to create and Build HAHAHAHHAHAHA there you go!!!

lowcarb3425d ago

360 fans should just be quite and let them whine. Sore looser always cry and complain and there's nothing you can do about it. Let's just enjoy this great news while they continue to loose out this gen with inferior hardware and software(kz2 is going to be crap). The PS3 is done and after the ownage handed to Sony already at TGS I wouldn't doubt if Sony just stopped trying. 2009 already belongs to 360 so just let them pout all they want because it's all about 360 regardless of if they like it or not.

thereapersson3425d ago

BTW, I didn't even know they still made K'nex!

Jackthepwnsaur3425d ago

"2009 already belongs to 360 so just let them pout all they want because it's all about 360 regardless of if they like it or not."

yea, because its going to capture the PS2 owners so that they move towards a 360 by selling all these multiplatform games that are superior on the PS3 and not to mention going to sell an expansion pack for a 1 1/2 year old game. yup 360 is going to pwn alright....WRONG! and before you say Star Ocean IV, look over here:

be very afraid when Sony Drops the price to $100 in 09 after March.

RemmM3425d ago

X Box 360 Arcade+ Controller =$250 +1 year of X Box Live $39.99 Oh wait, you want a wireless controller... $69.99 Yes lets not forget the HD... But if you want to compete against the PS3 in terms of having-it-all. The 360 is STILL more expensive.

SlippyMadFrog3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

A wireless controller is included in the arcade bundle.

Also, you don't need that stuff to play Tekken 6. An arcade bundle out of the box will do just fine.

Anywho, you guys are being childish. The same excuses was made with GTAIV, Devil May Cry, [Insert list of former PS3 exclusives]. At the end of the day when the game's released it plays the same on both platforms.

StephanieBBB3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"kz2 is going to be crap"

And I guess your an official Sony beta tester so you can confirm that statement? No? Then stop talking out of your own pasteria son and quit hating just because you won't be able to play it.

lowcarb3425d ago

Trust me I can play it if I wanted I buy approximately 8000 ps3 before going broke. I'm just going off of history and trying to annoy people this week so don't take it personal.

Homicide3425d ago

This just in: You don't need a hard drive or Xbox live to enjoy Tekken 6. The average consumer cares about the price. At $199, the Xbox 360 has an attractive price.

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XXXCouture3425d ago

Playing Tekken on a 360 is like wanking with your left hand......

hey dont look at me like that, you know you danm well youve tried it yourself

kingOVsticks3425d ago

to me it seems like MS is giving gamers less reason to get a PS3 versus giving gamers more reason to buy a 360.After MGS4 came out MS doesn't want current 360 owners(who are the majority of PS3 owners) or ps2 stragglers rushing out and trading in and buying a PS3. IMHO

Dissidia3425d ago

Wasn't sure if I still wanted it after hearing about this yesterday.
But forget it, i'm still buying it and i'm gona enjoy it. Not gona let this news ruin my fun.

mboojigga3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I really can't figure out how anyone who is not a dual owner has issues with whatever game was originally exclusive goes multiplatform and then makes a comment about not sure they are going to get it. Why the hell would you care if you were alreading getting it for that one console you have in the first place? If you or anyone doesn't care about the 360 why bother keeping up with the news about it. Same goes for the PS3. The ones who benefit are the gamers and the company making more(pretty sure) money with the knowledge that some of you will simply not go out and buy a console for this game but will now buy the game possibly for the console they own. I can't even see what is bad about this news at all to a gamer that is dual or single owner. It is not that serious. The news never should have ruined your fun or looking forward to a game you were getting on a console you have to begin with. Some of you got to sit back and use some common sense. Seriously think about that.

kewlkat0073425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"Word, Sony has done a lot of things wrong this generation, and by the looks of it, they will continue to do so. Even though their 09 line up looks impressive they are doing a bad job of showing it off.

Either way, Microsoft has given all ps3 owners reasons to buy their console due to wide genre appeal on the system (who would have thought). In contrast, unfortunately sony has only given a niche audiance of 360 owners a reason to buy a ps3.

Sony is riding on ps2 owners to help them win this generation, what they dont realise is, they have left little reason for these people to be loyal to the company and in turn buy a ps3. I can confidently predict more ps2 owners actually choosing 360 as their platform this generation.

If you ask me, when you look at both current gen consoles, the 360 and the ps3, the console that is this gens equivalent to the PS2 is the 360. Microsoft has become the company SCE was last gen and the gen before that and SCE is a totally different company to what it was in the PS2 and PSX gen.

With all these playstation "brand" games gone multiplatform, the Playstation has definetally lost its identity."

Sony might be unraveling regardless of New and unproven IPs.

boodybandit3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

What bums me out about Tekken going to the 360 is waiting until Fall 09 (most likely 4th quarter 09). I was counting on this title coming out 4th quarter 08 - 1st quarter 09 and now it appears it is being held back so they can release side by side.

I own both consoles and I have a illness - I purchase a lot of good / quality titles for both consoles. In the past year I have purchased SCIV (I didn't want to have to choose between Yoda and Darth Vader), GTA IV (completed both on both systems), Burnout Paradise, NHL 09, COD4, Battlefield, GRID, DIRT, DMC4, Madden 09, NHL 2K9, and quite a few others that are eluding me right now because it's past my bedtime (was watching the MLB Playoffs and surfing N4G at the same time).

I don't mind at all being a multi console owner when things like this happen as long as 360 or PS3 owner don't have to play the wait for the other to catch up game. Now this hasn't been confirmed but I find it hard to believe T6 wasn't near completion considering it is running on a PS3 board for the arcades.

Waiting when it isn't necessary sucks!
At least I will have Mortal vs DC and SFIV (hopefully early 09) to hold me over.

mboojigga3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

You do realize that the Tekken series has usually launched with each system right? Your telling me us that you thought it might be out in the beginning of 09. Soul Calibur IV was announced to be in development a 1 1/2 years before a trailer was shown about Tekken. That game has been out for 2 months and it is from Namco. I am looking forward to it also but I find it suprising this game has been in development for so long before it was announced 24 hours ago that it will be multiplatform released and another year out.

lowcarb3425d ago

If you can't wait for the game then just go play the arcade for crying out loud.

Why o why3425d ago

nah mate. Its the other way around. MS wants sonys identity. Everything sony had last gen MS wants this gen. It is the console that is lacking in identity. Its fast becoming the mr me too of this gen with only gears and halo + unreal engine leaving a lasting legacy. There is becoming less reason to own both consoles nowadays. Its like owning an amiga and an atari st, too similar. Games that were born on the ps brand are now on the 360 but gamers remember which came where first. What is MS bringing to the table in terms of identity except the concept of 'we want that too' or 'we'll pay for timed'

Hats off their making their console owners happy and ultimately thats the point but by doing so and culling their own internal studios they have lost their identity and the means to create its own. Sony are doing sony whereas MS are doing what they do in all their industries.......

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Dragunov3425d ago

The only thing that piss me off is the delay of the game to port it to the 360. Almost all the huge tekken fans have ps3 to play tekken dr online (like me). For the 360 owners enjoy it!

mboojigga3425d ago

The game has been delayed for 2 years now lol. It has been in Japan arcades for a year. The 360 didn't effect an already long awaited usually out on launch game.

INehalemEXI3425d ago

What ever the hold up be im pissed. Grats to MS for picking up a kick arse game 4 360. Lucky bastads..... I mean rich lucky bastads.

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