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WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch Comparison Images Show Noticeable Decline In Visuals

ThisGenGaming says "WWE 2K18 has just released on the Nintendo Switch, and these comparison images show a very noticeable decline to run on the Switch."

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Community312d ago
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twiggytree12313d ago

"Show noticeable decline in visuals"

No s**t, you're comparing the most powerful console available to a handheld.

It should be obvious there are going to be graphical drawbacks.

DiceAndRice312d ago

There's a big drop in visuals compared to PS4 & Xbox One, a further one with PS4 Pro/Xbox One X.

TheTony316312d ago


The game doesn't have X/Pro support. What you see there is basically the standard Xbone version.

Eonjay312d ago

The Xbox One X is 6X more powerful than the Switch and yet no one gives a damn. The Switch will still outsell the Xbox.

312d ago
PFFT312d ago


And in what way does it benefit you if it sells more or not?? I mean its not like you work for Nintendo. So no benefits will befall you from its great or poor sales. SOOO who cares.

SierraGuy312d ago

Go eat your rice and play your dice.

Old McGroin312d ago

Doesn't matter what way Nintendo have decided to market it/call it, the fact of the matter is it's a handheld device. And it looks pretty damn good for a handheld.

UltraNova312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

PFFT, if he has a Switch, more sales means more games support, especially 3rd party+ it will ensure the platform's viability for years to come (wii U happend literally yesterday) - that means more games, updates and support for Eonjay's Switch.

Big sales are always good, no matter how you slice it.

mellkor311d ago

Shameful comment😀😀€ 512;😀

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CrimsonWing69312d ago

Nintendo considers the Switch as the successor to their console... not their handheld.

DrJones312d ago

Yet handheld is what it is

Italiano1234567312d ago

True but the stats show most people use and bought it cause its a handheld

EddieNX 312d ago

They've never said that. They just say it's a hybrid which implies it's both home and portable console in one.

Artemidorus312d ago

It's a handheld with a TV feature

Xx_Pistol_xX312d ago

@DrJones it's a hybrid so it's actually a handheld and console.

deafdani312d ago

It doesn't matter what Nintendo says. The fact is, it's a device that is barely the size of an iPad Mini, and you can play it fully on the go. That's portable by definition.

Nintendo could say the Switch is a giraffe, but that wouldn't make the Switch a giraffe. Let's use our common sense. Comparing the graphics of the Switch against those of actual home stationary consoles is ridiculous.

Elwenil312d ago

Regardless of that the fanboys are spinning, Nintendo themselves call it a console and it's their product to market as they please, so it's up to them to decide what it is. And yes, it does matter what Nintendo calls their own product because anyone buying a Giraffe and instead getting a gaming console is going to be a little upset, not to mention the people who go to the zoo to see it.

As for it being a handheld, Nintendo has said that the Switch is not replacing their handheld line, so naturally they are not going to market the Switch as a handheld and risk losing sales in what is traditionally their strongest market. Claiming anything else is going directly against the facts in evidence and just makes you look like a tantrum throwing zealot.

TedCruzsTaint312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

It's confined to the limitations of a handheld. Just because it also can plug into a television for a home experience, it's disingenuous to compare something built with portability and battery life in mind, to that of a system designed to be stationary, and can be plugged into the wall.
Nintendo built a hybrid, and they market it as a hybrid.

To use your logic, it's fair to take a PS4 and an Xbox One, pit them against the Switch, and then drop the first two a few points because they aren't portables.

rainslacker312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Sure they do. They'll think this way(or at least say that's the case) until the sales of the 3DS start to decline, and it supplants the 3DS as their new handheld.

Why does it matter? it's a great hand held, and a decent enough home console. Nintendo served two markets with a single device, and it's probably what's best for them because they seem to not want to go the power route in the home console route.

_-EDMIX-_312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

That's nice

Nintendo could consider it a taco.

This is a handheld device.


this device is portable purely by the definition of what it is. I mean but like Sony or Microsoft telling you game consoles are not home consoles but instead calculators or smartphones despite not having any of the functionalities to actually justify such a strange definition.

_-EDMIX-_312d ago

I'm waiting for the comparison with the 3DS and Playstation 4.....

I mean since we're comparing handhelds to home consoles.

badz149312d ago


the creator of GIF said it's pronounced as a soft "g" as in "JIF" but THAT didn't stop people from using hard "g" like the word "gift" without the "t"

so no matter what Nintendo says, there are people who will call it otherwise or...simply as what it is...a HANDHELD!

Gaming_Guru311d ago

That's true despite what a consumer buys the Switch for, it's considered a console first so therefore the successor to the 3DS is still coming, theoretically. Thus another confusion that Nintendo created with their consumers, lol.

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Xx_Pistol_xX312d ago

@twiggytree12 That's Nintendo's fault for calling it a console first.

InKnight7s312d ago

Handheld? Never knew Nintendo calling Switch the handheld!!! Its consoles they compare dont fool yourself its hybird so we can compare it to vita and ps4 and X1X and Wii U.

Tazzy312d ago

No idea where they come up with the idea to type this article its like comparing Sega Saturn against a PS4PRO the PRO will win.

Loktai312d ago

Ok but going all the way back to Sega Saturn isnt really sane. Its more like comparing PS4 pro to Wii U.

Bronxs15312d ago

Let’s be more accurate your comparing a 6 TF console with liquid cooking designed to be played while plugged into a wall socket and displayed to a 4k tv to an home console that is designed to be able to to picked up and played anywhere in or out the home that is designed to run on a batter and power its own screen as well.

Of course there will be graphical differences for the different design goals of the different systems.

Lexreborn2312d ago

So... is it a handheld or a console? seems like when it's compared to consoles and its lacking we call it a handheld. When its comparable to the consoles its a marvel... Will we always shift goals with the switch in the community?

_-EDMIX-_312d ago


They're going to keep changing and Shifting The Narrative to suit a specific agenda.

Notice that when you bring up a gaming laptop you're going to find them valiantly defend that the Nintendo switch is a better portable device...

Only to go back and pretend as if it's not portable at all when trying how to make it fit in with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

SR388312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I wish people could understand this lol
The X is like 5-6x the power of Switch

TedCruzsTaint312d ago

And my PC is probably twice as powerful as the X.
Neither of those can I take on the go, however..

conanlifts312d ago

I own both and think Switch does a good job. As for power the X is around 5x the power of a standard xbox and closer to 10x the power of Switch (0.5tflop vs 6). Taking this into account the Switch version is impressive, though the X version has not been patched to my knowledge.

rainslacker312d ago

This is obviously a big win for X1X.

Seriously though....what kind of comparison is this? Is there not a PS4 version to compare it with...or even the base X1?

It seems rather silly to compare the graphics between a mid-gen version and for what is essentially a hand held system where people don't expect it to perform close to the most powerful systems on the market.

_-EDMIX-_312d ago


I mean you're comparing a Home console to a handheld.

Tazzy311d ago

I'm reading the comments and I'm trying to figure out why you're getting disagrees I mean you're right were talking about the Switch which is on the go and can be hooked up to a tv against a console thats more powerful. I'm going to say that the disagrees are coming from diehard Xbox fans I mean its like the game couldn't be compared like PS4PRO vs Xbox One X. Hey were diehard Xbox fans lets take whoever has a good theory and disagree with them Xbox One X vs Switch is totally comparable in their eyes. I'm agree being the game could have been compared Switch vs Xbox One or PS4 and the graphics in the game for PS4PRO aren't really great no console has the edge it looks the same every year.

Knushwood Butt311d ago

Bu bu but, it's not a handheld, it's a hybrid.

Gaming_Guru311d ago

Nintendo sees the Switch as a home console first with a portable option secondary, so therefore it's fair game since they are competing against one another.

What's next not having a typical microphone setup in comparison to the other consoles is not fair as well?

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DJK1NG_Gaming313d ago

Is this author retarded?
You're comparing Xbox One X version to the Switch.
You're comparing 4K wanna be capable system with way way more horse power to a system with a custom mobile chip from Nvidia that is the size of a tablet.

Like come one be real here/

Sam Fisher312d ago

What way to advertise xbox, hows those monthly checks, doing good for ya?

Goldby312d ago

doesn't stop what hes saying to be true.

heck next should we be expecting them to compare monster hunter stories on 3ds to monster hunter world on xbxo one x.

one is a brand new console developed just to get hgiher resolution and more things on the screen while the other is meant to be the first hybrid console, offering less power but more options through its portability.

this is a stupid comparison, if anything it should be based around the switches version compared to xbox one and ps4, not the one s/x or pro

WilliamSheridan311d ago

4k wanna be? Um lady I checked there are way more 4k games on here than Pro

InTheZoneAC312d ago

14 disagrees just show the ratio of normal people to trolls and ignorants.

shuvam09312d ago

Well its the base XB1 gane, as it never got a patch...
I would still be happy if the Switch version is similar to the PS3 version...
Considering we never got a WWE game on the Vita, this is a huge leap over the PSP version, technically...
Gameplay wise, its been a steady downhill since SYM days...

hamburgerhill311d ago

"You're comparing Xbox One X version to the Switch."

So much deep down hatred and jealousy, wow! You can hate all you want but this so called 4k console is much more powerful than PlayStation or Switch.

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Neonridr312d ago

I will agree that the first image looks really bizarre. But the other two comparison shots don't look terrible. Obviously the One X is going to have enhanced textures and lighting, so everything just looks more natural. But it's not like the Switch version is suddenly unplayable. I'm guessing the guys are fairly small on the screen..

mcstorm312d ago

Spot on and tbh WWE games don't looks amazing imo anyway.

312d ago
Relientk77312d ago

So the Switch version slightly changes the color of everyone's skin lol

kevnb312d ago

well thats a side effect of the lower quality.

danitanzo2312d ago

What are you implying there....