The Most Anti-Hype Games of 2017

Whether if it was because of poor PR work, or an overall lack of interest, some games felt "Anti-Hype" and failed to get us excited about launch.

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Hardiman5d ago

Yeah I wasn't hyped for any of those games. The only one I was vaguely excited for was Shadow of War but that was cooled by all the loot box nonsense.

I did get it pre owned like two weeks after it released and it was already marked down.

XxSnoopDoggxX5d ago

I feel you. I was SO pumped for Battlefront 2. EA's messaging after the reveal was so good. All about how they have a story mode and free DLC. Then as soon as the first hints of microtransactions came up my hype balloon was deflated sooooo fast. So disappointing.

Hardiman5d ago

I know right but at least we get The Last Jedi in a few weeks!

XxSnoopDoggxX5d ago

Super pumped for the Last Jedi. I hadn't seen anything except for the first trailer but when i went to see Thor they played the latest trailer and I was.....I was weak. I think they spoiled something BIG for me.....

Hardiman4d ago

I saw the trailer too and your right about it possibly spoiling something big😞

XxSnoopDoggxX4d ago

It's ridiculous. People need to roll in the scope of their trailers. It really doesn't take a lot to build hype, especially when it comes to STAR WARS goddammit.

indysurfn4d ago

Same thing happened to battle front II the number one on the list. MICRO transactions!Same thing happened to battle front II the number one on the list. MICRO transactions! Seems like Micro transactions is the kiss of death! HURRAY!

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