Microsoft make avatar creation mandatory for new dashboard

DarkZero: Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's group product manager for Xbox 360, has revealed that all Xbox owners will be forced choose/create an avatar once they download and boot up the new dash for the first time.

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Grassroots3569d ago

I was kinda hoping i could keep the blades, oh well bring it on.

Bnet3433568d ago

Before the trolls get here:

"Greenberg went on to stress that those who are not interested in avatars would able to complete the process in under a minute, and then never have to look at their creation ever again if the so wish. There will even be pre-made choice available if you really don’t care."

No point in posting this in the open zone, they already got here before anyone else.

iNcRiMiNaTi3568d ago

the thing i like about the new update is that it bring u a mini version of the original dashboard with the touch of the guide button which i think is awesome. it would be cool if i can browse the marketplace while playing a game, get a demo, arcade game, or DLC, then continue playing my game.

Thoas3568d ago

Home can be downloaded and not entered at all or forced on you to enter to play any games, now that's a choice. Your paying $50 a year and you don't have a choice to skip avatars, sounds like another M$ scam to me.

leila013568d ago

****@ss Sony makes you pay for demos... and live is still better than PSN. Btw, you can just create another account if you're to cheap to pay $50 a year (cost even less than a game).

thewhoopimen3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Ok here's my flaming question. If all you have to do is make it and never have to look at it again... What's the point of adding the avatar feature in the first place? What are you supposed to do with it then? Makes me think that Miis have more functionality than xiis?

Capt CHAOS3568d ago

Because if people are into avatars, they will be seeing their friends as avatars, whether they are interested in them or not. Ofcourse, MS could have opted to assign a random avatar based on gender age, locality etc., but this is a better solution.

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firerock913569d ago

No one over the age of 16 wants a avatar, I like my gamer picture just fine. O ya F%#@ cover flow the blades are fine as is.

shutupandplay3568d ago

Try telling that to a ps3 owner...

morganfell3568d ago

Home doesn't force people to buy a memory card.

GiantEnemyCrab3569d ago

"Greenberg went on to stress that those who are not interested in avatars would able to complete the process in under a minute, and then never have to look at their creation ever again if the so wish."

So no big deal, use the default and never look at it again.

I have no idea where he gets off saying:

"But you can make a pretty badass avatar.” Because everything I've seen is absolute childish rated G lameness like some type of anorexic Mii.

GVON3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

anybody seen any cool avatars like borat or spiderman yet,that's the best thing about the mii's,especially the mii channel,it's cool downloading other peoples mii's

ape0073568d ago

with xbox live support,this put nintendo's mii to shame

cherrypie3568d ago

I concur. People -- and it just *BLOWS MY MIND* -- pretend that nintendo invented 3D human-like avatars, its just stupid.

The fact is that these companies all "steal" from each other, and *very clearly* MS's implementation is leaps and bounds better than Nintendo.

And, as an Xbox 360 owner, I'm very happy to see it.

The NXE is going to be great. I cant wait.

thewhoopimen3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

how is it leaps and bounds better if you're asked to make avatars but never have to look at it or use it again?

Is it going to be like MS BOB or the paper clip where your avatar dances around when you switch between "blade sections?" Or is it going to be like LBP where when you talk the mouth opens and closes next to the other xii/player you are chatting with?

I'm just asking a question.

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