Mega Man 11 is giving fans another chance to mock Mighty No. 9

Mega Man fans are stoked that Mega Man 11, the first new numbered entry in almost eight years, is due next year. When Capcom revealed the project yesterday, however, many of them had the same thought: Doesn’t this game ... kind of look a lot like what Mighty No. 9 was supposed to be?

Nybz6d ago

Yeah what’s kinda sad is Mighty No 9 was made by the dude who created Mega Man only now Capcom comes outta nowhere and crushes it.

It’s awkward but sort of funny in a twisted kind of way lol

Nitrowolf26d ago

He actually didn't create megaman though, even states so himself. He only illustrated and did the art when the 1st came out

6d ago
cleft56d ago

He isnt the creator of Mega Man at all, he just gets a lot of false credit and praise for the series because people dont know his level of involvement.

Nybz6d ago

Oh whoops, fuck this guy then. I'm hyped on Mega Man 11

_-EDMIX-_5d ago

@Nybz- no worries. It happens. So many people have made Megaman what it is today, that I think its unfair to give him so much credit, it also could hurt sales too, consider if you believed this, you might not be hyped for Mega Man 11.

Now that you know, Mega Man 11 is made by the core, original folks that make Mega Man actually fun, knowing this very much is going to make you more hype for it.

Vandamme216d ago

I actually like mighty no 9...I didn't understand why so many people hated it.

_-EDMIX-_5d ago

He drew MegaMan as in the illustration, he didn't create Megaman (or Rockman in the east)

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Alek836d ago

Well it would HAVE to be better than Mighty No. 9. That game was terrible, antiquated, buggy, and with ridiculous difficulty mechanics that they put in just because.

But at least some good came of it, it has caused me to never back another video game ever again. No more buying what I can't play yet.

DEKUX126d ago

the animations are trash ad yet this game would come out at 60$ gahahaha could at least advanced the game play look sore like a remake from a indie developer then anything.

Teflon026d ago

I don't know what people are seeing that makes them so gloaty and pride filled... Literally it looks no better than Mighty No. 9 as of right now. it showed the exact mechanics that existed in MN9 and a horribly animated Megaman that moves like some bootleg android or ios game. I'm sure I'll like it, but I liked mighty No. 9 as well, wasn't anywhere as good as I hoped for but still a okay game. Nothing looks special about this, and I love Megaman. I need to see more before I even pretend it's something great.

DEKUX125d ago

thats what im saying shit it could atleast be like metroid other m the story was meh but the gameplay was on point if ya want megaman i reconmond the azure gun game or w.e its called

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