First Resident Evil was Originally Planned for SNES

The first Resident Evil game was originally in development for the SNES instead of the original PlayStation that it ended up coming to.

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corroios347d ago

Really? Thats a cool story. How would it look on the SNES??? I still remember playing it on the PSX.

Neonridr347d ago

there's video of a cancelled Gameboy version of Resident Evil. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Hardiman347d ago

I remember reading about that in EGM way back in the day!

JaguarEvolved345d ago

It's a good thing Sony made the ps1 because it made 3d games mainstream

naruga345d ago

thank god it didnt release on the system and made the jump on new gen...literally creating one game that is unrepeatable to be remade ....even the somewhat decent remake couldnt even touch that masterpiece

Neonridr344d ago

@naruga - the resident evil remake was awesome. I still have that game for my gamecube. Kept the original game intact but gave it a much needed boost in the visuals department.

DJStotty344d ago

Lol @jaguar "PS1 made 3d games mainstream" no PC will hold that title, wolfenstein 3d? Doom?

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345d ago
Professor_K345d ago

A sprite based RE game would of been sick!

Relientk77347d ago

Cool, I like video game stories like this. I never would have known that.

masterfox347d ago

Well good thing it never happened, I think if that happened the franchise would never had the success it had on the PS1 and the name RE wouldn't be as famous as it now all the around the world, RE in the PS1 mark a groundbreaking change in the game industry for this type of games and opened the doors to other famous franchises such as Silent hill or Death Space later on, and all of this happened mostly because of its PS1 graphic capabilities on that time, something the SNES could it never achieved or later on in the N64 without creating expensive cartridges.

strayanalog347d ago

Learn something new everyday. Pretty awesome tidbit, and it makes sense considering Sweet Home, but I'm actually glad it went the way it did. I don't think it would have scared me as bad on Super Nintendo as it did on Playstation. Fun bit of knowledge, though, nevertheless.

Hardiman347d ago

Gameinformer had a Sweet Home article about this not too long ago and it's a cool little story about the gestation of RE!

Dolf045345d ago

Did the article mention anything about the SNES CD-ROM or if the focus shift was related to the Nintendo/Sony split?

Hardiman345d ago

I want to say it mentioned the SNES but it's been a few months. I still have the issue so I'll check it out.

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