From Software Asks if Armored Core Fans Want a 20th Anniversary Soundtrack Release

From Software has been talking quite a bit about the Armored Core franchise over a few days, and now a big soundtrack box might be on the menu.

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darthv72375d ago

yes please and a nice steelbook case for the game and OST to fit in.

375d ago
Apocalypse Shadow375d ago

Nope. Just another awesome armored core game please. With an arena like the old game. With speedy, maneuverable mechs

Blu3_Berry375d ago

I gotta feeling they are gonna show off the new Armored Core game at PSX. They been talking alot about it recently.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI375d ago

They're talking about it a lot because they just hosted a concert for the 20th anniversary.

Godmars290375d ago

What is it with companies being unaware of an IPs fanbase?

esmittystud101375d ago

Great. Another soundtrack we can all listen we wait and see if they ever remaster Dark Souls/Demon's Souls ......