5 Very Specific Things I Want From the Next Zelda on Switch

"Over the years, I’ve created the perfect Zelda game in my mind, although I’ve never quite been able to put it down on paper. Today, that changes; well, sort of. I’ve always wanted a handful very specific things in the Zelda franchise that, unfortunately, have never happened. Here are five (mostly) new features I would love in the next Legend of Zelda installment on Switch." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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strayanalog377d ago

1. I was actually fine with what we got in the latest outing, but I wouldn't mind if more voice acting was present either.
2. Time travel could be cool.. wildly cool, if done correctly.
3. I'm not so sure. This would be interesting, but could also be troublesome. Going back and forth, if the option was there, could be annoying if not done correctly. Worse possible thing would be you couldn't go back.
4. Technically this should go with number 2. Don't get me wrong as I like the idea, but Nintendo usually does give winks to the fans.
5. This definitely depends on the player. In my opinion, I wouldn't mind if it was like Link to the Past upgrades or to a degree, Breath of the Wild, ‎but i wouldn't want the game to nosedive straight into full RPG territory.

While we're on the subject of what we want, I would love it, if it returns that is, that weapons didn't break quite so often and the Master Sword didn't need to regain energy.‎

FullmetalRoyale376d ago

What’s Lawn Lawn Ranch? 🤔
Perhaps it’s a knockoff of the actual Lon Lon Ranch?

OT: I personally want to see the Ocarina era of dungeons return in the next one.

HyperMouse376d ago

1. Dungeons like before, shrines yes but major dungeons would be great
2. Make the master sword an actual master sword (unbreakable) its the freaking master word
3. no locking things behind amiibos

other than that it was good

Ryasha376d ago

I thought the Master Sword was unbreakable?

HyperMouse376d ago

It breaks so you cant use it for a while but it regens you dont lose it completely, but it still breaks

Ryasha376d ago

No....Pretty sure it doesn't break. It just loses it's magic but can still function like a normal sword.

Ryasha376d ago

Alright. I was wrong. My bad. I never actually had it "break" on me before so I just went from what I heard.
Word of mouth is a bitch sometimes.

jznrpg376d ago

Better AI andmore vaired enemies

rollerdisc376d ago

probably wont get it until the next console..

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