Sony’s Try PlayStation VR Initiative Proves to be Very Popular

All 1,400 slots went well before the trial end date.

corroios7d ago

Its having a very strong holidays. The price cut was very important. Price rules and 399 is just very high.

Hardiman6d ago

I bet it is and that's the best way to play it. In your own home where you can adjust the settings to your liking.

I'd imagine they will sell a lot by doing this. I'm so glad we got it!!!!!

Apocalypse Shadow6d ago

Push it Sony! Push.

More converted consumers on board after trying it equals more potentially made games for the base.

I can live with that.

Geeeebeeee5d ago

yes this is the right move.

i brought my PSVR to my friend's house warming party, to let them give it a go. after the session i could tell one of them is seriously thinking of getting one

Phoenix765d ago

Wow, and some people think that VR is dying off! Don't seem that way to me if interest in Sony trail program is this popular. The next 12 months are looking dam good for VR as whole.

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