Guillermo Del Toro Has No Idea What Death Stranding Is About

It seems that even Guillermo del Toro, whose likeness appears in Death Stranding, has no idea what the game is about either.

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UltraNova370d ago

Thats the fun part right?

Eonjay370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

We already know who the pro and antagonist are. We know it has something to do with black holes. We know it takes place in an alternate United States. We just don't know the exacts about the story line. An incredible amount of research has been done studying nearly every aspect of the game.

Some hints:
More science related hints: http://www.playstationlifes...

ts actually funner not knowing and trying to figure it out.

Goldby371d ago

its not surprising as he only has his likeness in the game, he has stated he has no other input in the game itself.

B1uBurneR370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Lol. So... this Games a hit based off the creator not his creation so far. I don't get the hype around a game no one has an idea about.

Ausbo370d ago

The hype is hideo kojima. All his games get this hype. The thing I find funny is how people think this will come in 2018/2019. This is minimum a 2020 game. Maybe even later than that.

Gatsu370d ago

Kojima said himself that he plans to release it before 2019...

mafiahajeri370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Its a PS4 exclusive being supported by Sony. Its also being created by one of the best video game creators of all time, and you dont get the hype?

Thats like saying I dont get the hype behind a new R* game.

Its not like Kojima moved to phone games like Konami. Its a full on slap to the face to Konami, so you know Kojimas gonna be working day and night to make sure this is stellar.

If you look at how fast Kojima opened his studio and created this game, you can tell hes still got major beef with Konami.

Its a matter of proving them wrong, which is a good thing for gamers as this would have probably released way later if he didnt have his beef with Konami.

Looking forward to the PSX panel. Hopefully they announce a release window.

B1uBurneR370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

So the game could be called whatever and the trailer could of been a dot zooming in and out of focus for 2 mins and people would still be hyped?

He's previous works doesn't guarantee success but it's something to consider... I get that. Too soon to put all eggs in the basket though.

So we are hoping he delivers as he's done in the past Is this the case with this Dev? I thought we would have learned already this generations hypes things that don't live up to the hype and games have a launch date with a post launch fixes.. hype can wait... at the least let's us know what to be hyped about as far as game information goes.

Goldby370d ago


there is information for the game in regards to subject matter. Kojima leaves clues in all of this interactions with the media and fans. the dog tags around norman's neck are equations to black hole theories and quantum physics. he spoke of how until now, most multiplayer games have been the sticks (keeping enemies away) where this game will be the rope (keeping friends and value close)

theres even some theories out there based on character models and designs that this might be a spiritual successor to Silent hill.

What we do know is that they have been working with GG on the Decima engine to improve its uses for what he needs, but the fact he chose (or help build the engine) says what is possible with that engine and his idea for the game. heck he has an office in Amsterdam at the GG studio, and GG has an office in the Kojima Productions Studio.

The man knows how to hype up a game, but he does it in the right way, instead of plastering and constantly talking about his game, he leaves the info intertwined with his day to day operations, everything he says, posts and shows has been carefully orchestrated to show only the keen eye'd viewer what the game is about

sorane370d ago

It's not exclusive it's coming to PC also.

sorane369d ago

I love people disagreeing with FACTS hahahaha THIS IS NOT A SONY EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! Get over it fanboys. The best place to play this game will be on PC.

guyman368d ago


It's not too late to get a Ps4. I know it hurts but Death Stranding will be a ps4 exclusive, and will probably be the best looking game when it releases on the pro, lmao.

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roadkillers370d ago

I think what he included in the trailer looks really interesting. The actors for this game are odd, the whole umbilical cord attached to everything is interesting. I was interested because of everyone's hype, now I'm interested in how the trailer is connected and the crazy theories that people have created. Interesting and bored.

guyman368d ago

I think you're struggling to shake off the idea that this will be a Ps4 exclusive.

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chris235370d ago

Hideo is the epitome of an overrated... oh cut that. I forgot the many, many fanboys who are mixing up good narration with Hideo's weird output.

Liqu1d369d ago

Because Death Stranding won't be Xbox.

franwex370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

To a degree I would agree, but he has done some awesome stuff.
Metal Gear Solid is considered one of the best PSX games. MGS3 is my favorite ps2 game and one of my favorite pieces of media of any kind.
For that reason alone he has my interest. I’m not overly hyped, but i am interested.

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