EA: Motive's New Game Might Come as Late as 2022; 25% of R&D Budget Spent on New IP

Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talks about Motive's upcoming game, and how new IP are developed at the publisher.

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-Foxtrot289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

Gee whiz guys wonder what it's going to be...

A multiplayer online focused shooter which features a huge variety of loadouts, weapon mods, MTs and lootboxes perhaps? Just a hunch.

strayanalog289d ago

Rinse, Repeat, and Piss off the Masses: The Sequel. Confirmed.

Abriael289d ago

The hunch is wrong at least in the genre. It's an action-adventure.

-Foxtrot289d ago

Dead Space was action adventure...still had MTs in the game, no multiplayer aswell except for co-op.

Need for Speed is a racing game...has MTs and Lootboxes, hell it has a f****** slot machine.

Battlefront 2...well you know the story

Dosen't matter what the genre is, it's EA..."life finds a way"

Abriael289d ago

Dead Space is a survival horror.

That being said, I simply corrected the mention of it being a shooter, as it's not since it's an action-adventure. The rest, we don't know.

Prince_TFK288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Nah. Its gonna be an MMO focus on lootbox and monthly subscription.

I can see it now. You can get to a new zone by trying to unlock it randomly in lootbox.

3-4-5287d ago

It will be on the next gen consoles though so it should at least look pretty good.

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Nodoze288d ago

They want to be sure to get the dimensions, color + texture, and the details just right......for the lootboxes.

datriax288d ago

EA..... where's my barf bag?