EA: Star Wars Battlefront II Will "Sell Well Into the Holidays;" Comments on Ultimate Team Model

Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen predicts that Star Wars Battlefront II will sell well throughout the Holiday season.

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BenjaMan64376d ago

Despite all the outrage, this will surely sell well.

New movie + Holiday season = Big sales.

Relientk77375d ago

Yeah, all the parents who are buying this game for their kids for Christmas.

Platinum_Fan375d ago

That's why all the big companies chose to use this holiday for their MT push instead of the middle of the year. They wanted to get these games into kids hands bought by unaware parents.

_-EDMIX-_374d ago

Or all the gamers who actually just want to buy it to play it...

PapaBop374d ago

It can't even topple COD in the charts, regardless of new movie and holiday season, I imagine the game won't meet the sales targets EA set for it before the controversy. Yes it'll still sell better than the majority of games but Battlefield developers + Star Wars license and really you'd expect them to beat COD in the charts for at least it's launch week.

XiNatsuDragnel376d ago

Hell naw I don't think but sadly gamers are sheepie don't buy this garbage say no to lootboxes

_-EDMIX-_374d ago

How do you know that the people who are even buying this game want to support loot boxes? That's almost like saying if you buy The Witcher 3 or Zelda breath of the wild you also support the exploitation of DLC season passes or other things.

lazyboyblue374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

I bought it and I've REALLY enjoyed. Haven't needed to buy any loot crates. EA has always offered the option to pay to unlock everything in their games (normally about £30) for as far back as battlefield 3 anyhow. Personally I've never felt the need to do that but Ive never been at a serious disadvantage because I didn't. don't see how things are any different now.
I think that people are too hung up on this idea that because you can buy a loot crate, you must to win, but you don't. Yes, the crates are woven deeply into the games, but take it from someone who's spent ages with the game, you never feel that they are hard to earn in game and a typical player could probably earn at least 2 or 3 a day just playing the game.

ravinash374d ago

But was that after they were forced to turn down the number of hours required to get the main characters?

DJStotty374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

The problem is the games are now being programmed to attempt to coerce you into buying MT's. All you have to do is research Activisions recent patents.

Its also affected DLC as game developers no longer offer DLC in games (ala mass effect andromeda) and when they do it normally has more MT's attached.

So 1 - buy the game, 2 - spend more money to progress faster, 3 - buy DLC, 4 - spend more money to progress faster, i'm sorry but no, i now buy games where the MT's dont affect any portion of the gaming experience.

Offering rich kids a way to buy their way to the top instantly destroys the gaming experience for those that cant afford to do so, especially in the multiplayer segment of games.

Relientk77375d ago

EA's not getting my money.

375d ago
TheOttomatic91374d ago

Yes it will but probably no where near as much as Battlefront 1 sold.

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