Official US Playstion Store Update 10.09

Hey, everyone. It's time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update. Enjoy!

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Silogon3569d ago

Super Sonic whatever cars looks interesting, and 3 bucs for Shadows ain't bad, so I'll be alright this week.

BrunoM3569d ago

alot of stuff on these update .. thats always good

will113569d ago Show
Snyph3r3569d ago

....and your point is?

plain rice3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Sorry will1. The PS Store is a step up from the XBL Marketplace. Actually two steps up. Looks professional and offers the most quality titles out there.

Hydrolex3569d ago

instead of wasting your time on N4G, go find a job, at least in McDonallds so you can buy a PS3. Seriously dude, this is better fater's advices

PirateThom3569d ago

When XBLA can match titles like Wipeout HD, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue AND GODDAMN BURNOUT PARADISE, then you might have a point.

PS Store surpassed XBLA a long time ago in terms of content on offer.

PS Store = high quality content
XBLA = ports of old games

callahan093569d ago

will11 shouldn't even be allowed to post in the gamer zone anymore after a ridiculous comment like that. The PS3 store offers a ton of unique content that is worthwhile to any real gamer.

C_SoL3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Thanks for your cooperation.

BLuKhaos3569d ago

you also forgot PSN uses real currency unlike some other stores.

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Nitrowolf23569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

great update
Linger in Shadow here i come

Voozi3569d ago

Downloading October issue of Qoore now (in the download list for those Annual Subscribers)

Think I'll wait for some user reviews on Linger in Shadows before I decide whether or not to get it

callahan093569d ago

I read one review already (don't remember where it was reviewed, sorry, but I found it here on N4G) and it got an 8.5 / 10, which is good, and it called the game unique, never done before. It also only costs $2.99 ... I figure you really can't go wrong! It has trophies, too! I bought it, but haven't tried it yet.

UltimateIdiot9113569d ago

Exactly what I did. Created one today just for the demo.

El_Colombiano3569d ago

What is this? Paid themes?! Leave that on Xbox LIVE Sony. We don't want any of that here.

Johnny Rotten3569d ago

while your at it take the Dead Space and Hot Shots Golf outfits with you too.

El_Colombiano3569d ago

The Dead Space outfit is free though.

blu3print3569d ago

do know that you dont have to buy them right, there's still plenty of sites to get themes for free

Nitrowolf23569d ago

They did warn us about this when themes where first annoused any way
but o well can just make themes myself

Johnny Rotten3569d ago

Dead Space Scorpion Suit ($2.49)
Download the exclusive Scorpion Suit now! Equip Isaac with this stunning Level 5 suit featuring enhanced armor and extra inventory slots.
File Size 9.31 MB

one of the suits are free then there's the Scorpion.

DreamcastFanboy3569d ago

I loled when i saw that. It's sad that EA is doing that again like they did with the god father.

El_Colombiano3569d ago

Ah ok is Dead Space even out yet?

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