Initial Thoughts On "Linger In Shadows"

From PS3 Attitude, Phreaky writes: "I got home today and - with nothing else catching my fancy - splurged on Linger In Shadows. Here comes the science bit about this £1.99 PSN download: This is NOT a game.

In the menu itself there is a section about the demoscene and the fact that this is considered to be interactive art designed to make you want to just look around and interact as things unfold around you.

Interactive art, it has to be said, has never looked so good!"

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Danny_D3510d ago

I can't wait to try it out.

CBaoth3510d ago

it has trophies....hmmn

wth, I've wasted more money on worse things

paracardium3510d ago

Your really going to have to look for some of those pieces to get trophies .