Noby Noby Boy Gameplay Shown At TGS

Kotaku writes "Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi's next game, Noby Noby Boy (nee Nobi Nobi Boy), is being shown in video form only at Tokyo Game Show. Honestly, this is not what we had in mind. Unfortunately, of all the Namco Bandai games we've seen so far at TGS, this is not one of them. We're left scratching our heads. It's shockingly different in... gameplay(?) than what we'd seen at previous demos. We'll be camped out at the TGS PlayStation booth to try to make sense of the madness..."

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Rick Astley3299d ago

Anyone know on what day TGS will be over?

DeforMAKulizer3299d ago

Either the 12th or 13th =D We still got time!

peedie163299d ago

that was like super weird but I bet the Japanese are going to eat this up

Dragunov3299d ago

I like this kind of games and i'm spanish

Sevir043299d ago

ummmm, wow, and i thought katamari was weird, this game takes the cake... i certainly hope thats not what the game looks like. because if thats the case they should just release this for 99 cents on the PSN, if it's even worth that... ? still i sony's conference is in on should be getting started with level 5 in an hour or so..

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