Dead Rising 4 on PS4 - is it as buggy as Xbox One at launch?

Gadgets 360 says: "If you’re a fan of the franchise and own a PS4, this is the edition to get. Own an Xbox One and haven’t jumped in yet? You’re better off waiting for the inevitable Xbox digital Christmas sale where it should see a healthy discount."

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It will be the superior version of the game as most PS4 games are

darthv7210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I picked this game up for $5 at a pawn shop and it is fun.

ZombieKiller10d ago

I'd love to get this game for $5 thats awesome


Wake up from that dream buddy cause as of nov 7th ps 4 no longer has the superior Multiplat games.

Cupofjoe9d ago

This game simply runs better on ps4 pro even with x update its shi

cellfluid9d ago

Neither does the X.. As pc still holds that crown!!!

9d ago
InTheZoneAC9d ago

I've played about an hour on ps4 and I encountered no issues so far.

Elda9d ago

Maybe I'll buy when it's 10 dollars.

zb1ftw7779d ago

It would be awesome if it had the same amount of bugs as the xb1 version on release.

Which was none.

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