Ultimate DJ Brings Hip Hop to the Music Game Genre

Are the blatant rockist tendencies of Guitar Hero and Rock Band ruining your enjoyment of those otherwise brilliant titles? Of course they are - we noted your b-boy flava from two blocks away. But don't sweat it because Genius Products, 7 Studios and Quincy Jones III have your niche in their sights and will happily sell you Scratch: The Ultimate DJ when it hits the stores sometime in Spring 2009. With a game controller designed by Numark (known worldwide for its DJ controllers - there's an example for you after the break), the game will be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and feature tracks by "many" (as yet unnamed) hip-hop artists. Trevor Drinkwater, President and CEO of Genius Products promises all and sundry "a cutting-edge game that captures the vital energy of hip-hop culture." And here we thought they were cynically jumping on the Guitar Hero bandwagon! We stand corrected.

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Raoh3569d ago

damn thats a nice mixer

will have to keep an eye on this game

ATLRoAcH3569d ago

That mixer looks like the real thing. I'm glad they got Numark to make it. I will be keeping an eye on this game for sure.

Killjoy30003569d ago

If I didn't see Guitar Hero come out before this, I'd say it was complete originality and innovation. But we all no that GH was looked at as inspiration for this. But hey, every genre has to start somewhere, right? (THANK YOU CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN!!)

LikAChicken3569d ago

you speak the truth with the wolfenstein innovation:)
but definitely everytime I play rock band with peoples, one of my favorite songs is sabotage. And beastie boys is the reason I fell in love with hip hop, so my thoughts would normally be when is a hip hop "rock band/guitar hero" coming out

Killjoy30003569d ago

Yeah, I'm sure many people thought of something along the lines of a rap/hip hop game, but I sure didn't, as I never bothered with rap.