How Nintendo's Gamble With the Switch Paid Off in 2017

Its been less than a year on the marketplace and seems like the Nintendo Switch has been able to turn Nintendo's sinking ship around. Both reputation, and in a financial way Nintendo has been able to really turn it around. What has made the Switch such a success in 2017, was it solely based on The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2. Is Nintendo's luck going to remain in 2018.

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346d ago
PhoenixUp346d ago

And all Nintendo had to do was sacrifice Wii U at the alter

Perjoss345d ago

If you wanna make an omelette you gotta break some eggs

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

I think it was completely worth it.

Them going portable only and having an HDMI out for the TV was probably one of the best decisions they could have made.

Sitdown345d ago

But they didn't go portable one, despite how much some of you don't want to recognize it as a home console first. The best decision was making sure there was a bigger difference between their generations, and being able to advertise bring the games.

michellelynn0976345d ago

They didn't go portable only. They have a docking device that ups the performance. No matter how hard you try to make the Switch a portable only. It isn't.

michellelynn0976345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

If the Switch is a portable only. Why are Mario and Zelda getting nominated (and winning) console game of the year?

PhoenixUp345d ago

Especially when you need to purge the undesirables from public consciousness

DJK1NG_Gaming346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

And it's also hilarious how people said it was dead on arrival, third party support will die a few months after release, games won't sell, that it just a Wii U 2.0 and so on.

Crows shall be served for Christmas. And it will be extra salty.

Perjoss345d ago

There seems to be some rumours flying about regarding a Dark Souls remaster for Switch, possibly even a trilogy.

And yeah there was tons of people saying Switch was gonna bomb, while the smart people were like 'theres no way of knowing, let's wait and see'

kevnb345d ago

it was pretty obvious it was going to do well simply judging by how people reacted to the advertising.

InTheZoneAC345d ago

I said give it 3 years. Initial year would obviously sell, year two is when we will see sales be steady or start to decline. Year 3 will be a clear indicator where this system is headed and how soon Nintendo will make a decision for a successor.

Prince_TFK345d ago

People here don’t want anything else beside Sony to be successful, especially in home console market. Just look at people like Edmix who goes into all Switch articles proclaiming again and again and again that the Switch is not a home console.

When Nintendo does something right, the haters bring something else up, no matter how absurd that thing is. Sometimes it is just like a comedy show in here.

PhantomTommy345d ago

It's so infuriating to see that kind of talk on here. A healthy console market is a good thing for everybody. This gen got a whole lot more interesting as soon as the Switch came out, and strong competition from Nintendo will only result in better things from Sony.

InTheZoneAC345d ago

I own a wind waker Wii u and new 3ds xl(I had a 3ds xl prior). You'd probably think I'd want nintendo to fail, but that's ignorant.

The switch is the 3ds and Wii u replacement, no doubt about that. Ultimately it's a handheld with tv out capabilities, basically an updated ps Vita.

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

I don't understand? I'm telling you that I'm very much Happy that they chose to go portable only and to out to the television I believe that was a good decision and something I predicted a long time ago what eventually happened.

So who said that anyone is upset by this? I think they did something right.

I think you're just upset because the reality of this company now being portable only. (something I've noticed many of you guys seem to choose to ignore based on the agenda or narrative you're trying to push that day)

I've seen some people on this site literally say this is not a portable only to go to another article screaming from the top of their lungs that it is a better portable device than a laptop when someone brings it up


So you're still trying to deny it is a portable device but when the narrative suits it also is a better portable device than a laptop?

So which is it?

Why are you guys so emotional about this fact? 😂😂😂

I don't think anything is wrong with it being a portable I mean I use the PSP that way for a long time plugging it into the TV and then using it elsewhere for many years. I like the concept years ago with the PSP and I like the concept now with the Nintendo switch exactly what's the problem?

I mean for god sakes I'm picking up the device I'm playing it on a train or a bus no different than I played the 3DS or DS or any other game boy so I find this strange personal tantrum over it simply something that some Nintendo fans are in deep denial about this company exiting the Home console Market.

Because by that logic I guess cell phones are now part of the console Market based on this Sudden Change in narrative. 😎

At the end of the day the logical real objective fact is the switch is a portable device that has the ability to out to a television and I've yet to find a single human being on this site actually disprove that factual information.

You guys are simply trying to purposely spin something just to make yourself feel better but technically speaking I didn't hear any of this crap when the PSP out to television in fact I never heard any of this stupid garbage when the iPod or a cell phone or any device could plug to a television so why is it suddenly now you guys are trying to argue this narrative when you didn't with those other devices?


Nintendo went portable only based on the sales of the Wii U.

Outing to the television makes so much sense for those that still want a "Home console" feel.

But to say this is a Home console actually is actually to change the definition to apply to every single last device that can plug into the television in play a game....

I do not believe that is what Home console actually means.

There's a reason why we call them handhelds.

There's a reason why we call them home console.

The Nintendo switch is a handheld just like the PSP just like the 3DS just like the DS just like the Game Boy just like my phone or just like any other portable device the ability to actually play on the television is irrelevant to what the term means.

Many-hat5345d ago

Telling comment for me, was mentioning how third party support isn't that important. I have no concerns about Switch doing well so long as Nintendo continue to supply first party games,regularly. If that's stops, there could be problems. Let's be honest, when people discuss Switch it's always mentioned how great Zelda or Mario are, and that's true. Nintendo,imo, are more reliant on first party than either of it's main competitors.It's a great console,and keep me supplied with first party games, and I'll be happy. So far, so good.

DrJones345d ago

I want continued strong third party support, Skyrim and Doom is what sold me on the Switch

michellelynn0976345d ago

I love both. Doom and Skyrim are amazing.

TGG_overlord345d ago

Well, I'm pretty much a PC Gamer at heart, and still I'm going to pick up the Switch. So that says quite a lot about the situation if you ask me.

InTheZoneAC345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

All I took from this was you play PC games, and probably didn't buy a Wii or Wii u but will buy a switch(for what reason as Nintendo games don't seem to be your reason) and you made it unclear if you play PlayStation as they also have a ton of great exclusives.

michellelynn0976345d ago

Such as? And I am so sure you like Nintendo. Like someone else who says they do, but sent me a harassing message calling the Switch a Fisher Price toy.

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