People of the Year 2017: Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory is to be commended for its handling of mental illness and for showing how indies can still approach AAA development

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PhoenixUp376d ago

Ninja Theory should be commended how they handled the topic and how the game was distributed

XxSnoopDoggxX376d ago

They really should. Such a beautiful game with such an amazing presentation of story!

_-EDMIX-_374d ago


They are showing that a market still exist for the mid tier game. That COD numbers can't always be what publishers chase after for AAA titles.

Hardiman375d ago

What they did was amazing and really showed the industry there are other ways of doing things.

TheOttomatic91375d ago

Props to NT for this brave endeavor I hope other game devs who have bud luck with publishers can follow suit.

_-EDMIX-_374d ago

We have games at around 7 or 8 hours at full price......this is showing it doesn't need to be the case. I'm even in support of your classic COD or Battlefield or Battlefront even selling the SP extra at a different price.

$30 for the SP
$30 for the MP

$60 for both.

I like what Hitman at least tried to do with their distribution method as if the product can't stand on its own, why sell it?

Maybe at $30, those SP's can no longer afford to really be rushed MP maps with voice overs and MUST be able to stand as stand alone products and not just tacked on bullet points to fluff up games.

CrimsonWing69374d ago

This was such a great game and it better get some recognition for the achievement they pulled off a AAA looking game on an indie budget.