10 More Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

Some villains may seem rotten to the core, but their motives can actually become a lot more relatable when viewed from a different angle.

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to have the character plots and stories of numerous titles wrecked for you over the next XX minutes, you’ve been warned.


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PhoenixUp168d ago

I seriously hate when a fandom takes a controversial or downright villainous character and downplays his/her flaws, often turning him/her into an object of desire and/or a victim in the process.

167d ago
kalkano168d ago

Seymour was right, when he killed his own father and wanted to "save Spira by destroying it"?


"Think about it, every now and then, this monstrous entity rears its ugly head and plunges the world into peril, with the races of Spira just praying that generation’s summoner champion is strong enough to defeat it. Imagine a world where Donald Trump is re-elected every three terms - it just wouldn’t work."

Note to self: do not click on whatculture again.

meka2611167d ago

Yea that's the main one I disagree with; how the hell was seymour right? He wanted to become sin so he could destroy the world, that's not a very good thing. It still is with the good guys of just stopping the cycle of sin all together.