TGS '08 Xbox 360 Fun'n'Games Galore!

With so much buzz happening around this years TGS, XboxOZ360-Gamer takes a look at the yearly convention, but not from the typical angle.

XboxOZ360 writes: "With the TGS '08 now well under way, and the Microsoft Keynote out of the way, we are starting to see the various Developers showing off their wares to the press and crowds that gather at the annual Tokyo Games Show.

It's a show that really is something a little bit different, and brings all sorts of characters out of the woodwork. Especially Japanese Cosplay followers who spend not only a great deal of time, but money of some of their costumes, and take the event very seriously."

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leeeeed3447d ago

Next year we'll be able to attend this and give you the low down on what could be an announcement over Xbox³! :D

C_SoL3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Whoops, EDIT....

Thanks for your cooperation.

CEO of Troll Corp3447d ago

Very disappointing performance from microsoft

XboxOZ3603447d ago

That would be good, Can I come to . . . ?

Some of the videos are great, but the Cosplay is amazing. The Japanese certainly know how to do "dress-ups" . . .

meepmoopmeep3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

edit: nvm

XboxOZ3603447d ago

Oh yeah, right, very disappointing . . phhffftt. Are you actually following it at all. I think it's a decent show across the board actually, without tooting anyone's horn. All platforms have a decent representation this year, some more in some areas than others.

TheColbertinator3447d ago

Dont worry about it OZ.He is just doing his thing.Dont respond to him and you wont waste your energy on the keyboard for his comments

XboxOZ3603447d ago

Sounds like a plan Steve, will do . .

But sometimes I do wonder about some of the users on here . . .

Immortal Kaim3447d ago

Do they actually make these outfits from scratch? Bloody impressive, loved the sephiroth one.

XboxOZ3603447d ago

Yes, and the westerners ones pale in comparison, they look almost comical. These look awesome. Although, I'll probably never look at a female Anime character quite the same again . . . god they show some skin, I couldn't put some of them on the site, I'd get whacked with a big hammer if I did.

It's almost as if they have no shame, yet are quite prim and proper around s.exuality etc. ? odd.

Immortal Kaim3447d ago

Wow, that's amazing. It certainly adds more atmosphere to these shows, though we personally don't 'get it', it's great to see the real enthusiasts.

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