15 Most Ridiculously Difficult Challenges In Final Fantasy History

What follows are fifteen Final Fantasy challenges that have been driving such players crazy for as long as they've existed, whether they require ungodly levels of backtracking and/or grinding, superhuman reflexes or even sheer dumb luck.

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trumpwonstopcrying13d ago

Dodging 200 lightning bolts in FFX was a ridiculous side quest. The only time I was able to do it was on a ps2 emulator with save states. I refused to even attempt it otherwise.

11d ago
kayoss11d ago

I couldnt do this side quest when it was on the PS2. However, I was able to do it when i got the game for the PS VIta. Let just say, it wasnt worth the effort.

trumpwonstopcrying11d ago

It's not worth it at all. It nets you a piece Lulu's ultimate weapon but Lulu is useless in the endgame.

feraldrgn11d ago

FFIX Excalibur II requirements were ridiculous in the PAL version.

franwex11d ago

That damn jump rope mini game...
Basically impossible in the PS4...