A Brief History of RPGs on Xbox - How Microsoft's Console Brand Modernised RPGs

Role-playing games are a true staple of the gaming landscape – from epic fantasy tales to violent shooters, so many games out there embody aspects of this industry stalwart.

While the genre’s beginnings were on PCs with text-based adventures, it was the shift to consoles that made them as popular as they are today, and in particular the original Xbox is what brought them mainstream acclaim in the West by putting them in the hands of millions of gamers.

Some are more iconic and influential than others, however. From the original Xbox to the modern-day – these are the RPGS that have made the genre what it is today and whose influences will still be felt for years to come.

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datriax378d ago

"How Microsoft's Console Brand Modernised RPGs"

LOL These opinion pieces. I've never had such awesome laughs as when I come across most of these. Truly hilarious stuff.

rainslacker378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

I can't think of a single "modernized" style of RPG that was exclusive to Xbox at any point in time.

Maybe there was one that went under the radar, but that isn't exactly influential.

I'd say things like Skyrim, Dragon Age, The Witcher(which was bigger on PC), or several efforts by Square Enix to appeal to the western market had more to do with the modern day RPG than any thing that MS or Xbox did. Maybe the original Mass Effect, but they dropped that style by the 2nd game, which wasn't exclusive anymore.

If we're really going to try and look at who's responsible for the modern RPG, why not give credit to the developers that did this, and most of those big games were primarily designed with PC in mind, as they took principals of PC RPG's from long before Xbox came around, and brought them into the modern age.....not even really brought them into the modern age....just made them prettier and bigger.

DJStotty377d ago

Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360

bluefox755378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

A joke, right?

porkChop378d ago

Uh, what? RPGs were super popular on PS2, far more so than the original Xbox. Xbox didn't modernize anything for RPGs. Like the PS2 was an RPG machine, and sold 150M+ units compared to the original Xbox's 24M.

"in particular the original Xbox is what brought them mainstream acclaim in the West by putting them in the hands of millions of gamers"

Don't make me laugh.

Godmars290378d ago

"in particular the original Xbox"

"the original Xbox"


The original Xbox actively ignored JRPGs. At best made a weeaboo knock off.

I will give them Jade Empire, KOTOR, but like with Mass Effect those were IPs they supported but failed to actually foster as brand identifying IPs.

Krysis378d ago

I'll give you that, they were stupid for not signing bioware and letting ea have them.

_-EDMIX-_377d ago

I wouldn't even give them that.

They don't own those IPs. They paid for development and to publisher, market and distribute an IP, they didn't own, of a team they didn't own annnnnnnnnnnnd here comes EA buying them up.

MS just made bad, slippery deals and they paid dearly for such a dumb set up. Basically EA was thanking MS right to the bank for marketing Mass Effect, funding Mass Effect and thanks for not buying the team or IP, we'll take over from here lol

I'd say not buying Bioware was just as dumb as Nintendo not buying Rare.

Some times its like.......put a ring in on it folks, stop doing dumb deals to be cheap and really invest. MS missed out and its one of those land mark deals that could have legit changed MS Game Studios for the better if they bought them.

Could you imagine? All 3 Mass Effect games only able to be found on 360? They would have sold a boat load more units with that gem in their arsenal, but they wanted to have back door deals.

rainslacker377d ago

Funny how FFVII is almost universally thought of as the RPG that made them mainstream. Without fail. For a couple decades now.

I can't think of a single exclusive RPG for Xbox that was anywhere near mainstream. Their most notable and successful exclusive RPG was Lost Odyssey which sold around 1-1.5 million through the generation, although apparently had a resurgence with X1 BC(which is long after the time it would have been influential). Other games they had like Blue Dragon and Infinite Undiscovery were maybe good, but not that influential, and weren't some precursor to the modern RPG.

When you look at the games that they did have, they did indeed have some good games to mention. But realistically, all those games came well after RPG's went mainstream. Those games also didn't bring anything, or much new to the RPG table. They didn't sell anywhere near mainstream levels.

_-EDMIX-_377d ago


When you laugh so hard, a tear is in your eye. PS2 was so chalk full of RPGs, I was playing RPGs on PS2, DEEP in to the PS3 generation. It was like 2009 and I was playing Person 4.

OmnislashVer36378d ago

Uses a pic of FFXV

> wasn't even going to appear on Xbox originally.

*clap clap clap*

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