XboxOZ360-Gamer to Cover Ubisoft Media Event & Black Beta Gears 2 Night

With the big hitting news from TGS still rattling inside the brains of Xbox 360 gamers everywhere, there are still many local events and announcements taking place over the coming week.

XboxOZ360 Writes: "You can bet that most of the Sydney based staff here at XboxOZ360-gamer will attend all 3 events for "just" you. We will be very diligent and take down notes, pictures, video footage and dare I say, even ask questions so that we can bring you the latest in the happenings of these major blockbuster titles which are set to hit the Aussie shelves in less that a few weeks time."

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leeeeed3420d ago

I can't go to these, but seriously? OMG, if only I could get the chance to meet Cliffy B and tell him how much his game suckorz ;)

XboxOZ3603420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

If the matchmaking turns out like COD4's, anyone outside the US will be shafted good and proper.

It would be ideal time to show Cliff what it's like TRYING to play both COD4 and Gears here with our connections and US centric hosting.

It could have him reassess aspects of such things . .? Europe and Japan are fine, but areas like us dip out big time.

Acj23233420d ago

I wish i could go there and do the opposite and pat him on the back for such great work! i really loved gears and would be one of my all time favorites.

Hunter863420d ago

I just want to know about the match-making and how much its going to ruin the game for us aussies.

gaminoz3420d ago

I just want some details of bots in local multi!!!! Please??

XboxOZ3603420d ago

Now that would be a GREAT Q? to front to both MS locally and Cliff . .thanks for the tip mate. Being a SP type of guy, those aspects of the game slip past me, so it's an important item to bring up. Even let him experience it first hand, which could help him understand the frustration personally.

Immortal Kaim3420d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot they changed the matchmaking.... In hindsight, after the initial complaints about Gears 1 matchmaking, it turns out it was probably the best system for those outside the US. Oh god, please don't let it give hosting to those with the best ping (ie Americans).

GrathiusXR3420d ago

I'm very very excited to be attending :) Any avid gamer would be nuts not to go and play Gears 2 and such..

I agree with the above comments guess its time to show Cliff that us Aussies better not get shafted in online and we'll show him as well and tell him to not do the same to us in Gears 2 like Gears 1 and also IW on CoD4!

TheColbertinator3420d ago

The Ubisoft event sounds fun.I want to check out EndWar badly.But most sites ignore it and report on R2 or Gears 2.

GrathiusXR3420d ago

Don't worry mate we will cover all 4 games over the 2 days and will not let any fan out of the loop.. We will give equal time to each game and ask various questions for each as well so that no one feels left out.

TheColbertinator3420d ago

Thanks.I wish I were going though lol


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