Demon's Souls TGS 08: Castle Crashing Gameplay (Cam) HD

Demon's Souls Castle Crashing Gameplay.

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Rick Astley3447d ago

This looks boring as hell. Just another bad game by From Software, just like Ninja Blade. Sigh.

Daver3447d ago

how can you say its boring after watching a 1 min video...

Rick Astley3447d ago

The combat looks bad. Really bad. As soon as I saw the gameplay I got bored.

ThatCanadianGuy3447d ago

I dunno..i liked it.It reminds me of those old school dungeon crawlers.But with better graphics.

theKiller3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

and this one looks boring as hell!!
i dont care if its ps3 exclsuive or not, i love ps3 exclusives because they show what others cant but this game looks cheap!

smurfie43447d ago

This looks pretty bad. When I first saw the screen shots I thought the game was going to be fly, but now I don't. Ill give it the benefit of a doubt because its early.

zenosaga043447d ago

Looks good. Graphics look surprisingly crisp for it being so early in development

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