Microsoft Looking to Broaden Approach of Xbox

During an annual Shareholder’s meeting this week Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, shared some insight as to where the Xbox brand might be heading. The Xbox One X is estimated to have sold 600,000 units so far this year, and it’s clear that Microsoft wants to ride this momentum into 2018.

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AizenSosuke374d ago

Yep in my eyes because of the recent announcement to bring Xbox games onto Playstation in the distant future!

Any thoughts?

neolego374d ago

I absolutely think this is a real possibility. Microsoft is a services company. The fact that it kept Minecraft on Playstation and Nintendo is very telling. I could totally see a world where you could log into Live on the Playstation (if Sony allowed it of course) and access exclusive content that way. Personally, I would love to see this.

coolbeans373d ago

"The fact that it kept Minecraft on Playstation and Nintendo is very telling."

I wouldn't go THAT far. Mojang had already prepared to port Minecraft to their respective consoles, suggesting contracts had already been signed. And considering the hefty cost of their purchase it makes strategic sense for that particular IP to remain the most ubiquitous gaming franchise of the current era.

Kribwalker373d ago


it definitely made sense to keep it on multiple platforms. It just got an award for selling 2 million copies on the ps4 in just asia and it’s one of the best selling games on the Playstation (it’s sold more then almost all of the first party games on the Ps4 (HZD included) So yeah, minecraft definitely made sense to leave there

Automatic79373d ago (Edited 373d ago )


You submitted this article, however, you don't really give any real reference as to why you believe they are going the route of taking all there exclusives across multiple platforms. As coolbeans indicated they already had signed Mojang prior to the acquisition had multiple contracts signed to port the games to other platforms, from a business perspective it didn't make sense. Not a good example on your part. Furthermore, you stating that you are not sure the direction they are going make no sense. This very article indicates that they want to work on games from the beginning to the end. To me they have invested billions into Xbox One, Xbox Live, Mixer, Game Pass, Windows Gaming. They are also on record stating that they will purchase more studios, create more Triple AAA exclusive experiences and they are already working on the successor for Xbox One. T What else you need for proof? 2017 Xbox took an L with Triple AAA games. However, as I stated before 2018 is going to be much better from a Triple AAA perspective and from exclusive indie games. There is so much games, there won't be enough time to play them all.

neolego373d ago


You make excellent points. I feel that if Phil has he way, we will see many more AAA exclusive games on the system.

All I can share is my opinion because there isn’t much proof on either side of the argument. What I find very interesting is Microsoft getting more involved. Recently they promoted Phil within Microsoft. He now sits at the table with Nadella. What that tells me is that Microsoft has some big plans for the brand. However, I don’t thinks Microsoft is interesting it doing what Sony does which is drop amazing exclusive video games. Microsoft is where they are by thinking bigger. Right now you can login to your Xbox Live account on Android and iOS. Access games and earn achievements. Currently on Switch, you have to login with an Xbox Live account to play online. Right now, you buy games that you can play on Xbox or PC. At the end of the day, Xbox is service, not a console. Will they ever stop putting out exclusive games? Probably not. Is that their ultimate goal? I don’t even think that’s a passing thought.

UltraNova373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Ok lets entertain the thought of MS games on PlayStation. Why would SONY agree to that? Is Halo so amazing to say yes? Forza and GT on PlayStation?That aint happening.

It wont happen just like it didn't with cross-play, why give your competitor more room to breath? Its business 1on1.

Not only that but imagine Sony allowing Xbox live login on way.

DJStotty373d ago

Sony will never allow another service on their network, hence why it wont have ea access anytime soon or cross play with xbox live.

There always needs to be 2 major console providers to drive innovation and competition. there always has been 2 if there was only 1, then why release a new console ever again? There would be no need to

-Foxtrot373d ago

"Microsoft Looking to Broaden Approach of Xbox"

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yomfweeee373d ago

They didn't announce that.

Prince_TFK373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

The “gamers” here claim MS has no games, but now they clamour for MS games on Sony console.

Lmao. The comments on this article are fucking funny.

morganfell373d ago

^ Including this made up one about PlayStation gamers clamoring for PC, I mean X1 games on Sony consoles.

GrubsterBeater372d ago


Yeah..... I don't think so, guy. You show me ONE PlayStation fan "clamouring" for MS games on PS consoles....

Just one...

People game on PS because they generally don't even like the several exclusives available on XBox One.. let alone "clamouring" for them. Lol what a joke. You don't see any even ASKING for MS games on PS, so good luck finding anyone that is "clamouring" for them. Hahahaha

gamer7804373d ago

Certain games yes, all MS games no.

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_-EDMIX-_373d ago

Lol I think that is rather unlikely.

If they ever bring Xbox games to PlayStation I believe it's going to be Microsoft basically confirming they're dropping out of the hardware business. But even then I don't really see the point. I mean sure they basically could keep selling the Xbox as clearly there's lots of people that like the platform than that work the controller and many other aspects, but their sales of Hardware are going to fail astronomically once they make that move. Of course their software sales will be much higher but I'm not even sure if it will be worth it because of all the money it cost to roll out Hardware.

Who knows.

I still think that is rather unlikely.

rainslacker372d ago

I could only see them keeping their game development going and it going multi-plat if they decide to leave the console business, and don't find much value in trying to keep them solely on PC(which is where MSGS first started).

However, I feel that MS, with Xbox, is moving more towards a service model(not GaaS but that Xbox transcends the individual hardware). This plays into their more single platform focus that started around Windows 8, and came to more fruition with Win10.

For the forseeable future, I believe the Xbox hardware will still be a part of that though, and this is likely going to continue until it's just not worth it to MS to make hardware anymore, or there is a way for these services to show up on other consoles.

MS wants the users, and the revenue streams that come with it. The hardware is a means to achieve that end. That's why they made the xbox in the first place. Sony could have kept MS out of the market if they let MS use their OS on the PS2, and things would have been much different now. If Sega had done well with Dreamcast, and hadn't left the market, and kept using Windows, then MS probably wouldn't have entered the console market. Funny how a few things could have changed the course of console history.

Anyhow, All this stems from speculation based on a rather vague comment that was in no way meant to imply that MS was going multi-plat. It's not likely to happen soon. There'd be bigger signs that MS was leaving the hardware market long before it actually happened.

Professor_K373d ago

Keep wishing Xbox games to come to Pisstation because you know you sonyweebs have nothing good worth while playing.😆

yomfweeee371d ago

AizenSosuke don't take the article you linked and make it into something it isn't. He says he has the freedom to bring games to any devices he wants. They made no such announcement about bringing anything to Playstation.

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Automatic79374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

I look forward to there improved ability to acquire more games, create more studios and extend there library of great games.
Please note the Xbox already gets a ton of exclusive content/games from [email protected] developers. Now I want to see the same in the Triple AAA space.

neolego374d ago

As an Xbox gamer I also want to see more AAA Exclusive games and I think that Phil wants that as well. However, I'm just not sure that's the direction that Microsoft wants to go. As mentioned, I think we are going to see more BlueHole, Studio MDHR collaborations. Either way, I am hoping we get a really good, exclusives games to add to the library!

freshslicepizza373d ago

Problem is they take time and should have been investing already. Making Forza and Halo and Gears is not the issue. The issue is they also need to keep coming up with new ideas as well even if they are not commercial sucess stories. Microsoft is known to drop an IP if it's not a success but to me that's wrong. You build from that.

373d ago
Profchaos373d ago

They need to because their biggest problem is franchise fatigue.

If a title is successful Ms instantly greenlight a sequel such is fine but after last gen seeing 4 gears of war games that's a bit to oversaturated

kevnb373d ago

I think they need a few more niche games, they may not sell as many copies but they can be system sellers for their fan base.

Profchaos373d ago

It's like they tried with games like sunset then I gave up. BTW sunset was probably top 10 best this gen for me so good.

timotim373d ago

You know Uncharted was birthed last generation as well right....franchise fatigue...4 Gears many Uncharted games has there been so far?

Profchaos373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Yeah but they tied the series up after 3 titles and moved into the last of us is only because of popular demand they went back and created 4 / lost legacy.

Gears is up to 6 releases over the last two generations of you include the remaster of gears 1 and don't forget judgement. uncharted is up to 5 if you include lost legacy which given it's length was really just standalone DLC.

Also gears is like Halo it defined a generation it had so many clones last gen in the early days of the 360 you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a gears clone everyone released a gears clone with varying success hell even 50 cent had a gears style game so the mechanics and game Play aged quickly in a saturated market.

Same thing happened to Halo really everyone took its shooter mechanics and created their own version.

Uncharted however no one else has managed to clone it successfully besides tomb raider in only two tittles.

timotim373d ago


Now answer the many Uncharted games has there been?

timotim373d ago

If we are counting remasters then Uncharted is also at 6 titles when you count the uncharted trilogy and stand alone Legacy no? And yes, there was many Gears clones last generation...Uncharted was one of them haha. When it first launched it was compared to Gears heavily. How quickly we forget these things.

MasterCornholio373d ago

Uncharted was released a year later than Gears. Uncharted would have happened whether or not Gears was released.

timotim373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

And so was lots of other "Gears Clones" around that time as well. Still doesn't change the fact that those and Uncharted was compared heavily to Gears. Let's not forget that Gears was started to first be shown off in late 2004.

In fact Uncharted is actually more than Gears if you count the PS Vita release haha.

PSXQ8373d ago

Microsoft talk too much...

neolego373d ago

Maybe, but if they said nothing people would be complaining as well. I like to hear that the CEO is conscious of the ecosystem and it’s needs.

Tko1111373d ago

They are a bug company with deep pockets. They are involved in a lot of industries not just gaming. What do you expect ?

Prince_TFK373d ago

They sell bug? I gotta order some.

denawayne373d ago

And Sony only sells Playstations?

rainslacker372d ago


Not sold, but they did have a free demo of it.:)

Professor_K373d ago

Where's your 4 k console? Sony sure has been doing all the talking.

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