Destiny 2: Developers trying to right the ship regarding loot drops

Destiny 2 on all accounts has been a better game than its predecessor but the loot system still feels all too familiar. Developers are listening to the community and are preparing to make some serious changes over the next few weeks.

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jjb1981349d ago

Loot drops without random rolls is what makes it feel empty. I miss that from D1.

LTJ81349d ago

Wow, I remember those! Maybe they'll bring them back :-)

twiggytree12349d ago

That's what has really killed D2 for me, loot is no longer exciting in anyway. It's sad.

Magic_Spatula349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

They're adding a new weapon tier called Masterworks where each weapon will have random stat rolls. They're Legendary gear with the aforementioned random stat rolls, They will feature a stat tracker, can be re-rolled for different stats, and generate orbs on multi-kills for you and teammates. When you dismantle them, you will get an item that allows you to convert normal Legendary weapons into Masterworks weapons. Doing Raids and Trials will give you a higher chance at getting a Masterworks drop.

jjb1981348d ago

Awesome, this I did not know. Thanks for the info!

DGenerator349d ago

Change couldn't come any sooner!

LTJ81349d ago

Oh yes, have you had a chance to play the new DLC or not yet? LoL I have to wait until Friday but am genuinely excited and hopeful they finally fix these loot issues and drops!

The_KELRaTH349d ago

I thought it was going to fixed in readiness for the next expansion! Now its out, no fixes and further crap that it will be fixed in the future. These devs are not listening to the community rather just saying it so as to sell rippoff expansion packs.

Magic_Spatula348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

They already outlined it on reddit. Changes are going to be made in the Dec 12th update and future updates. I stopped playing weeks ago because end game (or lack thereof) is boring though I haven't done a Nightfall or Raid cuz solo queuing still takes forever (even though they "supposedly" added a new matchmaking system). Haven't purchased the expansions yet. Will probably wait a month or two to see how it turns out first to make a decision on if I want to buy them or not.