The Division 1.8 Gets a Release Date

A new area, new PvE and PvP modes, and adjustments to numerous game systems are all slated with The Division 1.8 release.

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brich233295d ago

how many people still play this game?

maybelovehate295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Nobody I know. Although I am very tempted to try out the Underground thing. Looks fun. As does Resistance

thorstein295d ago

The Survival update was really cool, more like what I thought the overall game should have been. It's a fun game but I am also onto other things.

WilliamSheridan295d ago

I agree, survival mode was awesome. I just got my buddy into it. We still play it

295d ago
Alek83295d ago

I still play. Easy to find a match. Went back to Division after getting bored of Destiny 2.

maybelovehate295d ago

The date is December 5th, tomorrow for those that want to save a click. Funny it is launching alongside the Destiny DLC

Wolfyseyes295d ago

Funny ha-ha or funny fite me? But yeah, definitely makes one rub their chin.

maybelovehate295d ago

Funny as in rub your chin. The new features look fun, I do want to try them especially as they are free.. but yeah I will be busy with Destiny tomorrow.

rdgneoz3295d ago

"Funny it is launching alongside the Destiny DLC"

A free expansion with 2 new game modes (new 4v4 pvp mode and horde style pve mode), several new weapons, a big new area to play around in with dynamic enemy spawns, and an update to the underground DLC.(in addition to balances and fixes). A nice update (which is what the first Destiny DLC is rather than an expansion) for free.

maybelovehate295d ago

Don't get me wrong, I am intrigued. Hopefully I will remember to check it out later after I am done with the Destiny DLC.

thorstein295d ago

So, you're saying I should pop in The Division again and give it a go? Alright.

Krysis295d ago

I hop on from time to time so I'll try this seeing as how I'm not touching the D2 doc till they make some significant changes.

2ndhandcorn295d ago

Done two missions never went back might trade it.

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The story is too old to be commented.