Assassin’s Creed Origins December Update Packs New and Surprising Content

Assassin’s Creed Origins is getting a sizable update this month, bringing with it a slew of new add-ons and a couple surprises for those still exploring Egypt.

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showtimefolks372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

will pick it up in summer 2018 by than game will be much cheaper and overall much more polished

lad i started waiting a year before buying games

backlog is too long


I’ve had it since day one and haven’t really ran into many bugs, it’s pretty polished already.

371d ago
Sykojoe371d ago

I've seen one bug where an enemy spawned in a wall but other than that this game is pretty solid and I picked it up black Friday for $29

CloudStrife900371d ago

This certainly is not a case of Unity. Origins is well polished despite a couple of bugs here and there. You're missing out on some decent events too.

abstractel371d ago

If you got other games to play, fair enough, but ACO is a lot of fun, beautiful and I haven't encountered any bugs. It's pretty incredible how huge it is, and the lands aren't empty either. Every area is really nice (even if some places stand out a bit more than others).

showtimefolks370d ago

i have like many others a huge backlog. I use to buy many games at launch and never touched then for a while so i made a decision few years ago to not buy any games at launch. I have enough to play why not wait 6-12 months because by than game price will go down and if there are any issues developer would have released patches to fix them

for example i just finished diablo 3 ultimate edition

now i still have about 30-40 games to go haha

i have yet to pick up witcher 3 and will do so within next 3-6 month. to each their own i just feel like as we move forward publishers tend to release more unfinished games only to release patches later

mafia 3
mass effect

2 games that had no business coming out when they did

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Gaming4Life1981371d ago

Assassin's creed orgins is hands down the best assassin's creed game. I cannot stop playing and the only other assassin's creed game I like is black flag. This game would be game of the year for me but I can never choose just one game lol. Ubisoft did an excellent job with this game after so many other failures like the division, watch dogs, and far cry 4 to name a few.