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A portion of the WiiWare World review of Midnight Pool on WiiWare:

"Gameloft has given Wiiware some of its best titles like Midnight Pool and Wild West Guns, so it was with great anticipation that we sat down to enjoy their latest offering, Midnight Bowling. Although some would argue that Wii Sports renders any other bowling game redundant, we feel that there is room for a more rewarding take on the sport and the quick to pick up and play Wiiware service is the perfect place for such a game. So in that spirit, let's take a look at Midnight Bowling.

Right away, you will recognize the style and art design as a Gameloft product. There are five bowling alleys to choose from each with their own garish theme. Our favorite is the 'Aqua Bowling' alley, which is mysteriously located at the bottom of the ocean and features large glass windows so you can watch sharks swimming by.

Although the characters are all new, the theme could easily be described as Midnight Pool goes to the bowling alley. If Gameloft's character development were any deeper, there could have been room for some sort of continuous storyline between both games, but unfortunately the characters in Midnight Pool were fairly one-dimensional. And even more unfortunately, the characters in Midnight Bowling have one less dimension to them. Lacking any sort of description at all now, the characters are just avatars with names and unlockable costumes. During games, they each have two lines of voice dialogue…one for a good result and one for a bad result. Get used to hearing the bad result after every single frame you bowl when starting out, because the control scheme is your enemy."

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